Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream

When I first contemplated writing my book, I asked a couple of my friends for prayer. They asked what I needed prayer for, specifically. I said just for inspiration and for some diligence—in writing the book and in following the book's advice in my own life. And then I made a half-joking comment about being prepared for the speaking engagements and such that would then be required of me because of the wild popularity of my incredible book.

They didn't laugh. In fact, one of them said, "OK, so that's one prayer for humility coming right up."


I want my endeavor to do well. Why wouldn't I? If I'm going to put time and effort into it, I want it to be well received. Sure, maybe it's a bit much to anticipate speaking engagements, but what about (prepare for lots of random capitalization for emphasis) Dreaming Big? Isn't that a thing? Does God want me to Dream Big, or maybe just Dream Adequately? Dream Enough for Today and Don't Worry About Tomorrow? Maybe that's closer to God's idea of Dreaming.

The difference may lie in who The Dream is for. If The Dream is for me and me alone, then perhaps there's a problem in my motivation. Do I want to have speaking engagements to promote my book? Yes! Do I want to have speaking engagements so I can promote a book that helps people have a better relationship with God? Yes! So do I essentially want to have speaking engagements to promote God? Yes! 

And do I want to have speaking engagements because I want to be famous and popular and have some income?

Ehhhhh...maybe just a little.

I'm human. We all want to be liked. Some of us more than others. *ahem*

I think God does want us to Dream Big. We're going to have desires and things we want to accomplish. We just have to decide if our core motivation is to bring glory to God or to bring glory to ourselves. Pretty much everything we do can be turned around and handed over to God in praise and thanksgiving. I'd like to think that if my Dreams of Bigness come through, I'll say, "God did it! Look at him! He's the best!" I want that to be what happens. It's just that being human sometimes gets in the way of things like that.

One prayer for humility, coming right up.


  1. Oh my goodness. We are completely in the same place right now. I'm embarking on my book and just asked several close friends (and my daughter) to be my prayer team. And I had the same conversation (almost) that you had with one of my friends. I struggle with my desire to be a successful writer. Is that selfish? But then I come back to what you said ... Doesn't God want us to dream big? And since I know I am constantly bringing to Him my pride and motives, then won't He keep my self-serving motives in check? And do I really have to wait until I have perfect motives before I write? Who knows when I'd ever touch a keyboard again! God can work with my willing, if imperfect, heart if I let him. I will be praying for you as you start on your journey. I'm so excited to see where God takes both of us! Your writing inspires me. I know it is and will continue to inspire others.

  2. I have an award I give called "Good Clean Fun Blog of the Week." It's where I feature a blogger I really like and am inspired by. I'd like to feature you on 9/3. If you're interested (and I hope you are!), email me at and I'll give you details about what I'll need from you!


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