Monday, September 27, 2010

If You're Happy and You Know It, Wear a Hoodie!

I love autumn. Fall. Whatever word you prefer. It's my favorite time of year. Fall contains cool weather, beautiful scenery, my birthday, and now my son's birthday. Can it get any better?

Yes. Yes, it can. One word: hoodies.

I love hoodies. Everyone who knows me knows this. I have a bit of a collection. Most of them are college hoodies. Some are pullovers, some are zip-ups. A good portion of my sweaters have hoods, as well. I prefer a kangaroo pouch to separate pockets, but I'll wear both. I actually had to cull the herd a little bit this summer to make room for new hoodies. It was tough parting with a few of them, but I knew it was for the best...

*sniffle* I need a minute.

I didn't own a hoodie until college, you know. I didn't like them prior to that. I didn't think they looked comfortable because of the hood, and I was a little afraid of being strangled by the strings. Can you believe it? But one crisp autumn day during my junior year of college, Aeropostale had some kind of crate sale in the student union. I found a hoodie and fell in love. Charcoal gray with red lining. I still have it, it still fits, and it doesn't look a bit worn.

Note: Buy men's hoodies in smaller sizes instead of buying women's. They hold up better. Women's clothes are poorly made, which is part of a larger conspiracy to get women to spend more money. Just sayin'.

I know you're thinking, "What do hoodies have to do with anything, Rachel? I don't read this blog for fashion advice!" Nor should you. What Not to Wear would have all my hoodies in a trash can first thing. But do you realize it took me twenty years to try a hoodie? And why? Irrational fear of being strangled by a hood? Silly.

We often waste a lot of time avoiding something that we don't understand. We assume we know all there is to know about a thing and that we couldn't possibly benefit from it. We don't realize that the attempt in itself could be life-changing, never mind the effect the actual thing could have on our lives.

God speaks into our lives regularly. There are times we listen, and there are times we don't. Sometimes he wants us to go outside of our comfort zone to reach someone or to do something that will glorify him, but we don't. We get scared. The reasons are sometimes valid, sometimes not. Regardless, he expects us to act. After all, he is God. He's kind of a big deal. We can't call ourselves followers of Christ if we're not willing to respond to God.

I'm not exactly sure for whom this blog post is intended, but I know God is trying to speak into someone's life. Perhaps just mine. There are lots of things I feel God is asking me to do, but I keep dragging my heels. Out of fear, out of a lack of wisdom. It seems I'd rather pull myself out of relationship with him than follow through on things that he wants me to do, even with the understanding that, because he's asking me, he's got plans that will work out. It's a guaranteed win.

What is God asking you to do? Why aren't you doing it? It could change your life.


  1. Hi Rachel,

    This is my first time visiting your blog--it's so nice to meet you. I love this post, and I love your writing style. I especially like your humor. It's so refreshing!

    May God use your writing in ways you never imagined.

  2. Okay, Rachel, this blog post is for me!! After reading mine, you surely know why. I'm scared of releasing control, of failure ... and I can so relate to the pull you feel to obey God, but the roadblock of fear that keeps getting in the way. I am determined to push past it with the Lord's help. Your blog is such a blessing to me.

  3. I have not worn a dress like this since my wedding eight years ago, but my friend's wedding was formal attire so I had no choice. I am so glad I went with this dress.


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