Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Pretty Little Bow

Looking back over some of my posts, I realized that I could very easily write fairy tales. All of my deep, philosophical (yeah, right) posts come to a neat conclusion. They all come down to a resolution, as if I have an answer for everything. A neat little package with a pretty little bow.

That's not how life is.

This may come from me being a know-it-all and needing to have an answer for everything, but there isn't an answer for everything

How do we end world hunger? Get those people some food! Easy, right? 

How do we end poverty? Take people in and help get them back on their feet! Simple! Duh! Should have been done years ago!

Yeah, there isn't always a neat and clean answer for things. I could say, rather tritely, that love is the answer. U2 even says it's how you dismantle an atomic bomb. I've never tried, but it sounds like it could work. Rainbows and puppy dogs might also be useful tools. I don't know.

When there are questions that we don't know how to answer, where do you go for answers? God? The Bible? Friends, family, experts on the Interweb? Do you get answers? Do you at least get closer to answers? What's your next step?

I used to think I'd like to run for president, but my biggest fear would be making campaign promises and then being unable to fulfill them once I got into office. Not because I'd forget or because I tricked people, but because there are some invisible, immovable objects in my way that I didn't know about because the government keeps lots of secrets.

Life can be complicated. Sometimes what seems like the easy answer is impossible because of a million immovable objects. Mostly people. 


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  1. Rachel! I love your blog design update and how fun to be able to put your beautiful smiling face with a name now! ;0)

    I so agree with this post ... reminds me of parenting. I used to think I had all the answers and then I found that the pat formulas just didn't work with my complicated, strong-willed children. They are sometimes the immovable objects in my life! ;0)


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