Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Short Play By Rachel: Fear the Roo

A Short Play by Rachel

Fear the Roo

Scene opens on RACHEL, HUSBAND, and SON exiting a busy Chick-Fil-A. GREEN LADY, apparently a parent or coach of the athletic team in green that is taking over the restaurant, stops them as they are about to exit.

GREEN LADY:      I'm sorry, but your shirt is puzzling me.

RACHEL and HUSBAND both look at their shirts.

GREEN LADY:     No, not you. (indicates HUSBAND) I know who the Boilermakers are. "Boiler up!" and all that. You. (indicates RACHEL) What's "Fear the Roo" mean? Where's that from?

RACHEL:             Oh. (laughs) Well, I went to the University of Akron. We're the Akron Zips, and our mascot is a kangaroo.

GREEN LADY:     (says nothing, stares at RACHEL expectantly)

RACHEL:              So. Akron.

GREEN LADY:     Well, how do they get from the Zips to a kangaroo? I mean, what's a zip?

RACHEL:              (looks at HUSBAND and SON, embarrassed) Well, it used to be the Zippers. We were named for a pair of rubber work boots that were popular. Guess they had zippers on them or something.

GREEN LADY:      (says nothing, stares at RACHEL expectantly)

RACHEL:               Rubber, Akron. You know.

HUSBAND:           (trying to help) Goodyear and Firestone are based in Akron.

GREEN LADY:      Oh, Firestone! I have a cousin who lives there.

RACHEL and HUSBAND look at each other.

GREEN LADY:      (says nothing, stares at RACHEL expectantly)

RACHEL:              (continues hesitantly) Well, I guess they thought boots didn't make great mascots, so they shortened it to the Zips and chose a kangaroo for a mascot. (as if reciting from a student handbook—which she is) They chose a kangaroo because kangaroos are strong, agile and fast—just like our athletes!

GREEN LADY:      Ah. And "Fear the Roo?"

RACHEL:              (trying not to roll her eyes) Well, I think they're just trying to be clever. I really like it. At least we're not the Banana Slugs, right? (laughs half-heartedly)

GREEN LADY:      No, the Banana Slugs aren't a bad mascot. (awkward pause) Ah. Well, thanks. I just was really puzzled by that. You folks have a good evening!

RACHEL and HUSBAND ad lib, Thanks, you too, etc.

SON:                        Bye-byyyyyyyyyye! (waves enthusiastically)



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