Monday, October 11, 2010

Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine

I had an interesting comment the other day from a reader named Elisabeth (I think I've linked to her primary blog). She said something about "decoding" what God was trying to tell her.

Honestly, it made me think of the scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphie got his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. He diligently tried to figure out what Annie's code was, and then when he figured it out: "'Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.' Ovaltine? It's a crummy commercial?" He had another choice phrase after that I'll decline to share here.

He was disappointed. I would have been, too. He was expecting some kind of secret spy message. Something big and glorious Annie wanted him to do as a member of The Little Orphan Annie Secret Circle. He was expecting honors and benefits, for Heaven's sake!

I do that. I'm a Christian, and sometimes I think I'm entitled to all the honors and benefits occurring thereto. As much as I don't believe the "health and wealth gospel," sometimes, in my heart of hearts, I wish it were a little bit true. I also wish (sometimes, after a good Bourne movie) God was handing down secret missions for me to undertake. Instead, I get:

Go talk to that neighbor who doesn't talk to anyone.


Finish writing that book proposal already.

Really? How mundane. Even when I felt he called me to go to China, there was no crazy mission involved. In fact, the person who got the crazy mission was my roommate. She actually got to share the gospel in a roomful of Chinese government officials and businessmen. I got her frustrated tears before and after, and was glad she talked to me about it, but I received no mandate from God telling me to do something similar.

I'm starting to learn that even the things that God asks of me that seem boring are important. Maybe he needs to know I'm listening and obeying before he gives me something bigger. The two examples above have yet to be completed. This blog was a major step forward—I did something he asked!—but it's not all he's asked of me. He's put this book on my heart, and I'm dragging my heels somethin' fierce.

I guess I'd better get with the program or the next message I get will be "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."



  1. I've been commented.... Thank you! Oh wow!

    And I (obviously) feel you on this one. I don't get the "big" callings either. For example recently I was called to teach Sunday School. Really? That's it God? Ugh.

    But this weekend, for Sunday School we had to make the Wall of Jericho. And now I know without a doubt all 4 of my children know the story of the wall of Jericho. (And not just the Veggie Tales version either)

    I've also realized I've taken "Raising Christian Children the easy way" to whole new levels. I've been very lazy about it. I won't go into details about this method except to say it involves a lot of Veggie Tales and prayer. And now I'm learning to be just a tad bit more hands on!

    So all in all what I'm learning is that even the little tiny callings are important. Ironically I think God is calling me to write a book also. I've been semi-ignoring that calling.

  2. Oh and here's my "main blog"

    That link is my "political" blog.

  3. I fixed your link! I've got the foreword and two chapters of my book done, but now I'm muddling through writing a book proposal. I'm nearly done, but I seem to be working more and more slowly. Getting nowhere fast! I'm going to be laid up for a while, though, after my back surgery, so hopefully I'll feel the need to do SOMETHING on it.

  4. I tweeted your post! :) In a very ego-centric sorta way!

    And I've got partials of about 4 chapters, I'm going back and filling details now. I'll add other chapters after I finish these four.

    While I don't wish for back surgery, I do wish for time to devote to writing.

  5. Heh, Rach, we should commiserate on book foot dragging. I've got an outline and one chapter done and know I need to focus more on the proposal instead of brainstorming, etc., but can't get myself to do it!

  6. Rachel, we all are learning. Just turn around and see all of us. :)


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