Saturday, October 9, 2010

Margaret Feinberg is Stalking Me

Have you ever had something pop into your life repeatedly to the point where you know you'd better listen? I have. I do. Mine happens to be a person named Margaret Feinberg.

I'm pretty sure she's stalking me.

Margaret Feinberg is an author and speaker. I hadn't heard of her until a few years ago as I was reading an issue of the now-defunct Today's Christian Woman (a magazine I was very sad to lose). There was an article about her and a friend trying to find a blueberry patch. They got lost, and she suggested to the friend that they pray about finding the place, since he appeared to be the only person who knew where it was. Her friend made a comment about God not caring about the blueberry patch because she had prayed and prayed for a situation with her mother and he didn't listen or do anything, so why would he care about a blueberry patch?

That article was exactly what I'd been thinking about that day (and, judging by my recent blogging, still something I think about). The story spoke to me instantly, and I realized I'd been holding back in my prayers because I was afraid God didn't care or that the issue wasn't important enough. I also figured, "Well, bad things happen to good people, so all the prayer in the world might not prevent what I fear most. I'll just not ask." I felt inspired by her article, but I have to say I didn't make a change in my prayer life. I honestly didn't even look to see who the author of the piece was when I read it. It just stuck in my heart and I moved on.

Fast-forward a few months later. I had just joined the steering team for my MOPS group, and we all went to a day-long MOPS seminar thingy that had a webcast from several speakers. Who was one of the speakers?

Margaret Feinberg.

What did she talk about?

The same. exact. thing.

I didn't know who she was at first, but then she started using some of the same phrases as the blueberry patch article I'd read and loved so much. When I got home, I found the article and—sure enough—it was written by Margaret Feinberg. I think it's actually a book excerpt. MOPS moms who attended the conference got a discount at Margaret's online store, so I bought a book by her called The Sacred Echo.

Guess what it's about? Echoes from God in our lives. Things he brings around to us repeatedly to catch our attention.

Get out.

Honestly, I was a little freaked out. I put the book down for a while (a long while) and have recently picked it up again. Part of me loves her—her writing style, her topics, her very unpretentious way of presenting issues of faith—and part of me is irritated with her.

As you know, I'm writing a book. I feel like everything I've included in my book, Margaret has said in this book.


I know that's not exactly true. We have different writing styles and voices, and we write about different things. It's just hard knowing that there's someone out there who seems to know what's in my brain and chooses to extract it and set it out in front of me.

She appeared again the other day in the form of a MOPS webcast seminar about how to study the Bible effectively. It was really good, and I really liked everything she had to say. I've given in and am now following her blog. I've even gotten two (two!) direct replies from her on comments I've posted. She's really good about replying to comments, something I fall short on (it feels kind of awkward—it is something I should be doing?).

If you haven't read anything by her, I encourage you to do so. She has several books apart from The Sacred Echo, but two of the most popular are Scouting the Divine and The Organic God. I've just ordered them from her site (another MOPS discount day, yay!).

So—any echoes in your life that you should hear and heed? Maybe I'm someone's Margaret Feinberg!

*sigh* A girl can dream.


  1. Rachel, thanks for being so open. Yes, I do that too. Mine right now are repeats in the Word and circumstances to be diligent in my life. Argh!! (I'm lazy #2) :P

  2. We did The Sacred Echo as a bible study at our church about a year ago. Lately my echos... including what I just read here... seem to keep telling me to pray for the little things.
    Said a prayer for you today, and realized I didn't even know your name. So I prayed for the Lazy Christian with pancreatitis... I think He knows who you are. :)

  3. I am still learning about prayer. When to ask for help and when to listen.
    It is easier for me to forget to listen than it is to ask.

    I wrote a blog on February 15 about prayer.
    It sounds like I still have much to learn about prayer too.
    Thanks for your podding words. I needed them.

  4. Thanks, Osmosis (like that's your name lol). My name is Rachel--but I'm sure God would be able to pick me out of a crowd with that apt description. lol

  5. How could I resist posting on this post? I mean, a good stalker must reappear! :) Seriously, thrilled you enjoyed the book and blessings on you!

  6. Oh, yay! Margaret Feinberg read my blog! I'm a little starstruck. :)


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