Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Livin' on a Prayer

So I posted earlier today about how my impending back surgery (scheduled for Friday) had been cancelled by my surgeon. I'm still a little overwhelmed just thinking about it, honestly. I think my husband is, too. He said that when I called him at work to tell him about it, he was kind of in a haze for a while. Here, this thing that we'd been preparing for—making sure we had people bringing meals and helping me care for my son and praying for me—was suddenly gone. Or, at least, postponed for a while.

Then my husband said something that made me think: "All this time, we've been praying for God to give the surgeon wisdom, and then when he does it, we're surprised."

Hmm. I guess I hadn't thought of that. When we were praying for God to give the surgeon wisdom, I guess I was kind of thinking it would be during my surgery. Perhaps if I'd gone into surgery with this stupid, ailing pancreas of mine, something lousy would have happened. Only God knows why he led my surgeon to make this decision.

Why are we surprised when God answers prayers? I mean, that's why we pray. Right? He didn't answer this situation in the way I expected. Is that it? I know there are people praying for my complete healing without surgery. I'm sure I'd be even more surprised if he answered that one. But why? He's more than capable. Is it just because we don't think he does miracles like that anymore? Because he does.

I'm grateful he answers prayers. I'm grateful he's answered my prayers and the prayers of my friends. I'm grateful my doctor received the wisdom we prayed for so fervently. Who knows what else will come of this? Maybe someone in a lot of pain whose surgery was delayed got my time slot on Friday morning. Maybe a life will be changed because my surgery was cancelled.

And I won't be surprised if it's mine.


  1. That's the cool thing about trusting a God that truly loves and cares for us. He knew before time began that this day would come and that your surgery would be postponed. Why? Because He is God and we are not. We can only see the wisdom in His decision when we are at our weakest.

    I am praying that you rest in His mercy and grace!

  2. Thanks, ME! So true! It seems I'm always reminded of my human short-sightedness in comparison to God.

    I got your card today, by the way. I'm so grateful I have a prayer warrior friend like you interceding for me!

  3. Maybe it isn't that we don't believe in miracles as much as we forget that WE can also be the recipient.

    I sometimes forget that miracles aren't only the parting of the Red Sea or the curing of leprosy but also the changing of a heart or keeping my sisters scriptures dry when a flood destroyed her home.

    I like your ability to look at option of other purposes and to remember that God is in charge.

  4. Thanks, Reyna! Sometimes I think I've used up my quota of miracles. I've had God intervene in my life so many times that I wonder if my card is full, you know? But he never ceases to amaze me!


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