Thursday, December 16, 2010

Being Nice to Celebrities

I love entertainment stuff. Music, movies, television. I'm not opening-night-at-the-theater girl anymore (because babysitters are wicked expensive, yo), but I still really enjoy all of it.

Last year at Christmas, I snagged a great Christmas gift for myself on a whole year of Entertainment Weekly for only $10. No. Joke. It's a weekly! My other weekly magazine (appropriately entitled The Week, a frowned-upon-by-real-journalists digest of weekly events) is like $60—more than $1 an issue! That's crazy beans! I need to renew...

So I was reading my latest issue the other day, and it's got an interview with Reese Witherspoon. She's a lovely gal, and the interviewer asks her if she ever Googles herself. She said the first stuff that comes up is always bad; how she's looking old and ugly, or how she's untalented.

Boo, Internet. Boo.

She's Reese Witherspoon! Even when she's 100, she's going to be gorgeous. I just don't understand why people have be so mean to celebrities. I mean, if someone like Reese gets comments about looking unattractive, what hope is there for the rest of us? 

Plus there's always the assumption that celebrities always have people around them telling them how great they are. I'm not sure that's true. It must be hard to know that people are around you for you and not for what you can do for them. That's a bummer. So trying to find true friends who do love you for who you are—while all the time the nasty Internet bloggers and shows like TMZ are doing their best to make celebs look bad—must be crummy. Double bummer!

Maybe I should start a blog that only says nice things about celebrities. Just for fun. And just to put something positive out there instead of something negative. I'm sure I'd fall to the bottom of the search engine, but it might be findable! Heck, even if you Google "lazy Christian" I don't show up till page three. Hmph. The Internet is too big. And too mean.

What positive things are you putting out there? If you're a blogger (as a lot of people who read my blog are), are you putting more good things out there than bad? 


  1. Just wanted to say just last night I saw a preview of the new movie with Reece and I said to my husband "She's so cute!"

  2. I know, right? And a lot of the "ugly" pictures that people post of celebrities involve them running to the store or the gym. No one is supposed to look good at the gym! That means you've been working! Duh.


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