Monday, December 13, 2010


On Friday, I swapped some babysitting with a friend of mine. Her daughter came over for the morning while she visited with a friend, and my son went to her house for the evening so my husband and I could have a date.

Free babysitting is the best kind of babysitting.

My son and her daughter play all the time. We see them every other week at MOPS, and we also try to get together once in a while to hang out. They seem to play well together.

But not this time.

In her defense, my friend's daughter wasn't feeling great. She had a bit of a cold. She'd never been at my house without her mom before. I totally get it.

My son would try to show her something and she'd run the other direction. If he got up on the couch to sit by her, she'd get down. I felt so bad; he was trying so hard! I know sometimes kids play near each other and it counts as playing with each other, but it wasn't like that. My son was trying desperately to play with her. What amazed me is that he never gave up. She snubbed him repeatedly and his spirit never changed. He was always willing to try, even when she rejected him.

I don't feel that way. If someone rejects me once, I'm so sore about it that I'll barely talk to them. I've always been like that. There's a picture of me at Disney World crying near Mickey Mouse. My grandparents said, "Remember? You were scared of Mickey!" Seriously? That's what they thought? I'll tell you exactly what happened: Mickey hugged all the other kids and he didn't hug me. I walked away crying.

I was six. It hasn't gotten any better.

A lot of people have this fear of rejection. It prevents us to talking from people we don't know or talking about important things with people we do know. When we talk to people about faith and they respond poorly, I wonder if they're rejecting God or rejecting us. Feels like us. It's probably God.

I wish I had the persistence my son has!


  1. I'm more like you- I tend to give up rather than keep trying. It's painful to keep trying.

  2. I have this problem where I feel like I'm being rejected when I'm actually NOT! HA! When I do feel that way, I usually try to talk to the person about it. :)

    The end of your post reminded me of the verse, "..we do not fight against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities." (I don't know the reference)


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