Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sermon Smackdown!

I really enjoy a good sermon. I really sleep through bad ones. Kidding!

Today, the pastor who spoke really smacked me over the head. So now I'm going to share the smackdown with you. You're welcome. And I'm sorry. And as soon as it's posted, I'll share the link for the podcast.

He spoke about sharing God with your family (and closest friends). That is so hard. I worry about what they're going to think of me. If they'll ever talk to me again. If I do more harm than good.

But this morning, the pastor said, "For a moment, picture someone you love in Hell. Understand that you can make the difference. It's a pass/fail test here."


First, we should be really excited about sharing God—like it's good news that's just bursting to get out. 

Do you feel like that? I don't. I wish I did. I'm more excited to tell you what happened in the last episode of Gilmore Girls I watched than to tell you about what God's done for me. God's done a lot. Why am I not more excited?

Second, when we talk to other people about Christ, we have to understand that God's right there with us. He's giving us confidence and helping to plant a seed in the other person's heart. We're not doing this alone.

Oh, but how lonely it can feel! Rachel vs. the World. Rachel vs. All Her Previous Failures.

Third, when we are weak, God is strong. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. In the process of sharing, if the sharee says, "Yeah, but you do this and I've seen you do that. Some Christian!" that's OK. I'm not perfect, but my failures don't make God's grace any less sufficient or him any less perfect. It really just makes God look good that he's willing to take in someone as lousy as I am and stick with me even though I mess up all. the. time. Don't worry about your hypocrisy; it doesn't make God any less awesome, and God is really what's on the table here.

I worry about this. I've had people call me out on things that I'd rather not acknowledge. "Oh, you saw that, huh? Oops! My bad!" Plus when you're sharing with close friends and family, odds are they've seen you at your very worst. My family and friends certainly have. Ugh. I try my best not to be a hypocrite and live like I'd tell others to live, but I'm human. I mess up. It's crummy. I'm crummy. Why do people have to notice that?

Finally (and this wasn't really in the sermon), for any not-so-saved people who might be reading this, know that when a Christian shares God with you, there's nothing in it for us. We're not sharing God with you because we get a bonus when we get to Heaven. We don't get extra stuff for showing you who God is. We're not saved on commission. It's just that you're loved and we want to see you in Heaven when we get there. Don't get irritated; feel loved. For serious.

And there's today's sermon smackdown for you. Thoughts?


  1. Rachel, how appropriate for this season. Yes, it is hard, but I believe the Holy Spirit opens the doors and leads us when and what to say. We all need that reminder.

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