Monday, December 20, 2010

A Short Play by Rachel: On the Ice

A Short Play by Rachel

On the Ice

Scene opens on RACHEL and HUSBAND walking toward a banquet hall. The parking lot appears to be a solid sheet of ice. RACHEL and HUSBAND are nearly to the door when they notice a cute little elderly couple having trouble on the ice. RACHEL comes to the rescue.

RACHEL:            It sure is slick out here! Are you OK?

CUTE ELDERLY WOMAN:          (yells loudly) Well, no! It's ice!

RACHEL:            (unsure of what to say next) Oh. Well, yes. Can I help you?


She fumbles with her purse as she tries to take RACHEL'S hand.

RACHEL:           Let me get that for you. (takes purse)

There is a glare from LESS CUTE ELDERLY WOMAN; then they begin to walk.

RACHEL:           You'd think they'd salt this or something.

CRANKY ELDERLY WOMAN:          This is ridiculous!

RACHEL:            I agree!

REALLY CRANKY ELDERLY WOMAN:          I'm going to talk to someone about this!

She snatches her purse away from RACHEL as they reach dry ground. 

RACHEL:            Well, looks like we're out of the ice. Have a great evening!

RIDICULOUSLY CRANKY ELDERLY WOMAN:          If I don't die on this ice!

RACHEL and HUSBAND give each other a look. They then spend the rest of the evening shouting at each other, "Well, no! It's ice!" and cracking up.



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