Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Are Missed

Get ready; this one's kind of sappy.

I have a friend who is adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia. I'm so excited for her family! They're preparing a place for him in their home, making room for him in their lives and in their hearts. It's incredible that God placed in their heart the desire to love a child a world away and bring him into their home. What a gift!

At the same time, I feel so sad for her right now. She knows his name. She's seen his face. And she has to spend this joyful holiday season without him in her arms. She has to endure the ache of separation that only a parent can understand. I'm away from my son for a few hours and I feel a hole in my heart. She has to wait months to meet and embrace her son. It would be unbearable! She's such a strong lady. I can't wait until the day she holds her son for the first time.

I wonder if God feels that way about us. He loves everyone down here. And I do mean everyone. We're so separate from him; he can't hold us or hug us. And for the people who don't know him or don't acknowledge him, that chasm is even wider. At this time of year that celebrates his greatest gift to us, his creation, there are those that don't turn to him at all. Not even to say thank you or, "Hey, I know you're up there." I know that grieves him. Like a parent missing a child. 

Talk to God today. Tell him you love him. Embrace him with your words of affection. Show him your love with your compassion and your actions. Don't let his heart break. He misses you. Like a parent.

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  1. Oh, I love this Rachel... I've thought of that so many times. How God must feel when we don't acknowledge Him they way He deserves. I'm determined to keep this holiday season simple so I can focus on Who matters.

    So excited for your friend. It will be worth the wait!


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