Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Need Answers

This is not a post about faith. These are just random questions I've thought of lately.

1. Why does my toilet bowl cleaner smell like mint? I remember cleaning products smelling like cleaning products until recently. Now my toilet is minty fresh. Why? I'm not drinking out of it!

2. Why does Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" fade out and back in near the end? I love that song. I just don't understand the random fade.

3. Who taught my son "The Wheels on the Bus?" He suddenly knows it, but he's with me 99% of the time and I didn't do it. I've asked everyone who's spent time with him and no one will admit to teaching him. It's a mystery.

4. Why are poinsettias colored the way they are? I mean, really, they aren't flowers. It's just a plant with some green leaves and some red leaves. No real "petals" as such. Such a strange plant. It has us all fooled.

5. Why can I solve logic puzzles with three categories but not four? This is more of a personal frustration, perhaps, rather than a question.

6. Why do I have a Christmas ornament of a red bobblehead elephant with a maraca? Not two maracas, as one would expect. Just one. Why does this ornament exist and how did my parents obtain such a thing (since it was a hand-me-down from them)?

7. What kind of name is Skarloey? It's pronounced scar-low-ee, and he's a Thomas the Tank Engine train. The rest of the trains have normal names, like Thomas and Henry and Emily. Then there's Skarloey. Is there someone in the world with that name?

8. Is Paul Frank making millions off that one picture of a monkey? Can I draw one picture of something and expect an empire to rise from it? And is he related to that Lisa Frank who designed the Trapper Keeper folders I had back in the day?

Oops. That was three questions.

9. Why aren't there any cool cross-stitch patterns? It's a lovely art, truly, but hardly any of it would fit in with my decor. Isn't anyone making modern art out of cross-stitch? Someone should be.

10. Why does my stocking face the wrong way? Every other stocking in the world points to the right, and mine points to the left. My grandma made it for me, so I never want to part with it. I just wish it faced the other way. But why? Maybe I should be happy it's different! Happy I'm different! Happy about my nonconformist stocking!

I think those are all my questions. Any puzzles floating around in your brain lately?


  1. These are the important questions of our time! I also want to know why it takes 2 weeks to get caught up on laundry when you've only turned your back on it for 2 days!

  2. lol....too cute, Rachel. Hmmmm, one of mine is why when I say I need to write, I find ten things around the house to do, AND I don't even like to do them? :P

  3. Love the questions, they had me chuckling.

  4. HA! I'm TOTALLY with you on #7!!! What the heck!? How do you go from Thomas to Skarloey?!

    And I'm pretty sure there aren't any cool cross stitch patterns. If you find some, let me know.

  5. The only cross stitch I have in my house right now is one my grandmother made of the Biltmore. She was an AMAZING stitcher. Among the best, if they rank such things. The back of her work looked as perfect as the front. Pretty incredible! I'd hang more up if it weren't all flowers and houses.

  6. #8 is my favorite.
    And the monkey isn't even that original or creative.
    But Lisa Frank - now that's some art I loved. As a kid, of course. All that purple and pink and everything was a unicorn or something.

  7. Why does our office bathroom smell like Chinese five spice powder?


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