Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding the Message

I got to participate in an awesome event Wednesday. About 25 bloggers from Indiana were invited to meet with Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman to discuss—well, whatever we wanted. Here we are:

Pretty impressive group! Becky's the blonde in the front with the snazzy coat. Do you see me? I'm waaaaaay up at the top. This one:

It's a pretty good pic, if I do say so myself.

And I do.

Since we got to ask her whatever we wanted, I was trying to think of faithy questions to ask. Because, you know, I'm all gung-ho Jesusy and whatnot. But I couldn't think of what I'd ask that the other bloggers present would benefit from and wouldn't be like, "Hey, Becky, what are your personal beliefs and how do they affect your decisions?"

Wonder if I could get a separate interview for that...

Anyway, on the drive home I started to wonder how I could bring today's adventure to my blog.

And I think I have an idea.

But it's not fully formed yet.

So I'm not going to write it right now.

Then again, am I required to find a message in everything I do? Can't some things be fun for the sake of being fun? Like connecting with a bunch of other bloggers, for instance? Like getting to see the lieutenant governor's office? And getting to meet her?

*sigh* That may be enough for one day.

If you're a blogger I met at the roundtable, welcome to The Lazy Christian! Leave a comment so my readers can go check out your bloggy goodness, too!  :)


  1. Yes they can. Just because you're not talking about gung-ho Jesusy stuff and whatnot, doesn't mean you aren't living it.

    Jesusy stuff happens when you're potty training just as much as when you're Bible-ing.

    Can I get an Amen?

  2. I didn't ask a question either. I'm always kinda shy and worried I'll sound dumb.

  3. I thought it was a fabulous opportunity to bend the lt. gov's ear, while getting to meet all the great bloggers from around the state. There were a few I was eager to meet that I found to be a bit standoffish, and there were others that I'd never heard of that I was thrilled to get to know. Funny how things work out that way.

  4. Hey girlie! It was a fun time huh? I was so glad to meet all of you ;) I was totally nervous to sit up at her table and even though I asked a question, wouldn't you just know that I didn't push my power button hard enough on my video camera so it did not record ANYTHING! BAAAH!!! Ah was still fun! Great post and I think God just wanted all of our paths to cross maybe! Yay :)

  5. Oh, no! What a bummer! Especially since it's a question your readers would have liked. Boo technology. But, at the same time, YAY technology! Otherwise none of us would have been there in the first place. :)

  6. Big old Amen to lots of the replies!!

    It was great being there. I was torn on whether I'd really write about it or not. And it ended up turning into a post that I didn't expect- I looooove it when my writing takes on a life of its own!

    I joked that we hardly needed to meet a government official- if we could have just hung out in a room together, a lot would have been accomplished!

    I'm also wondering if we shouldn't try to meet up again- the group, anyone interested- and talk about the hot topics in our areas and discuss how we can impact change. That food in schools discussion could have really gotten good!!

  7. I wish you had asked your question. I would have loved to hear her response. I feel a tad overwhelmed (in a good way) by the number of blogs I now want to check out. I've only met a few Hoosier bloggers and liked matching faces to Twitter pics. I agree with Emily, I'm pretty quiet in groups and much prefer one-on-one. But it was still a fun event!

  8. What a cool experience for you! There were a lot of attendees! Looking forward to hearing what your idea is.

  9. I was really struck by the diversity among all the bloggers yesterday (rural, urban, agriculture-focused, green living, etc.) I thought it was really impressive that she and her staff took the time to organize the event and meet with us. I didn't ask a question either but enjoyed the conversation we had.

  10. What a cool event to go to!

    And that is a fabulous pic of you!

  11. It was great meeting you yesterday. Wow, I think it would have been great for you to ask your question about faith. :)

    beth @

  12. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was glad to have the chance to go -- and to meet you. Like others have said, I really appreciated the diversity of bloggers that was represented. I promised myself I would just listen. Apparently I lied to myself. Oops. I have an idea of how I want to extend the opportunity as well. Wonder if we're thinking the same thing?

  13. We only had an hour, and it flew by! The great thing is, that I bet she does it again. Maybe with other bloggers, but I think she wants to really hear the concerns from those who aren't policy wonks. And think it is ok to not have a message in everything we do. Sometimes just being present is the message.

  14. So great to meet you on Wednesday. What a fun event! I'm so excited that I discovered your blog! As soon as you shared the title of your blog, I was smitten...for real! What a great blog name...and your blog is living up to it's great name!

    I have some ideas on how to extend the event as well... Maybe we can all skype and discuss it...or meet in person for a chat session!

  15. It was great to meet you Wednesday! I didn't ask my questions....mostly because my topics of interest weren't really anything thing the Lt. G (or should I just call her Becky now?) has any control over. But I did enjoy the day!

  16. You should most certainly e-mail your ? to Rachel so that Lt. Gov. Skillman can answer it! :) It was great to see you again and I'm glad you were able to come. 1 hour was truly too short and I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone. :(

  17. What an amazing moment for you! I am very excited for you, Rachel! This is awesome!


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