Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Got Faith?



Are they the same thing?

Not quite.

Belief gives us answers. It has solutions. It is measured in systems and theologies.

People can believe together. You and I can believe the same things. It joins us. Connects us.

But faith—faith is a lonely exercise.

Faith is yours and yours alone.

It’s what you know to be true in your heart.

We all start from different places. We all build faith in different ways, at different times in our lives.

Maybe this morning, you have just enough faith to say, “God, I know you’re there, so I’m here.”

But you have faith.

Faith fills in the gap between what is concrete and what is supernatural.

How do we measure faith?

Jesus measured it in mustard seeds.

How many mustard seeds of faith do you have, friend?

Faith can be measured in leaps. A leap of faith can cover a lot of distance.

Faith needs to get you from here—wherever you are—to God. 

That can be pretty far.

The idea is to make the leap shorter.

Bring God closer. Move ourselves into his presence.

The more faith you have, the less faith you need.

Got faith?


  1. I have faith. Not as much as I want, so I appreciate you pointing out that some is better than none!

  2. I never really thought about how they were different.

  3. Bless you for visiting the new blogger today. 15 comments, what a wonderful community here.


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