Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Gonna Do It!

Ah, toddler logic. Cute and, at the same time, the bane of my existence. You can't reason with toddlers! You can't guide them! They're little "no" machines that want their own way and they don't even know why.

I have one, you see. A toddler. I don't blog about mommy stuff a lot, but sometimes your kids reveal things about your faith that you didn't see before.

Tonight is one of those nights.

We made a trip to the grocery store tonight, and my son wanted to put his coat on. By himself. With no help.

"I gonna do it!"

He couldn't figure it out, but he wouldn't let me help him. Honestly, it wasn't even a coat—it was a fleece vest. Maybe that's more confusing than a coat? I don't know. I've never put a lot of thought into it. But he was adamant that I wasn't going to help him. I ended up having to maneuver the vest so he thought he was putting it on himself, but I was really helping him into it. Tricky mom stuff.

At bedtime, I had to give him a bath and brush his teeth—things Daddy usually does, but Daddy now has a Bible study on Tuesday nights, so it was up to me.

"I gonna do it!"

He had to get out his pajamas. He had to find the lip balm, take the cap off, put it on his lips, put the cap back on, and return it to the caddy. He had to turn the water on to rinse the toothbrush.

Why are these things essential to a toddler? They're not difficult. I really could do it for him and he'd be no worse for it.

Especially the lip balm. Those little suckers were not meant for toddler hands.

I understand that he's learning to do new things and that it's important for him to do some things on his own. But when does he learn to ask for help when he needs it?

And then it struck me: When will I learn to ask for help when I need it?

I can't do everything myself, but I act like I can. I choose to leave God out when he could very easily lend a hand (and get the glory for it). Instead, I'm determined to be independent! To be self-sufficient!

To be arrogant.

To be proud.

Jeepers. I'm like a toddler in my faith.

And I thought I was at least a sassy pre-teen.



  1. Learning to ask for help was a hard lesson for me.

    It is great he wants to do things on his own. What a big boy!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how when I actually do ask God for help - He does!! Then I always wonder why I didn't do it sooner!? (When will I learn?...)

  3. Yeah, that's me too. I think, in part, it's a strength in us. But when it goes overboard, it's a liability. Here's to growing up a little in our ability to ask for help!

  4. It's absolutely amazing how much our children at this age can teach us about our relationship with God! I am with you, exactly in that phase of life too. Our son is nearly 3 years old - and very much adamant on doing many things on his own lately.

    One thing I am really starting to embrace as a mother - the whole concept of letting go...now. For the next 15 years of this boy's life, I am going to have to continue to let go a little more at a time so when it is time for him to embrace his life completely as his responsibility, it doesn't hurt near as much as it hurt my parents when I had to cut the cord.

    It is not easy - but is definitely worthwhile, and very lesson laden for our own lives concerning our relationship with our Father.

    Sometimes, blogging about the little ones reveals so much! I am glad you did today! This is good stuff!

  5. smiling, real big.....too cute! Yes, we do act like that sometimes.


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