Monday, February 14, 2011

Secret Valentine's Day

I was going to write a Valentine's Day post about how I met my husband. The other girl he had a crush on when we met. Him pouring his heart out to me over her. Him finally asking me out, then dumping me a week later.

Yeah, it's a pretty impressive story.

Instead, I'm going to issue a challenge.

Let's have a secret Valentine's Day.

  • Do one thing for your spouse that he or she normally has to do (some kind of chore). Bonus points if you do a chore he or she despises!
  • Tell your spouse one thing you like about him or her. Not something your spouse does for you—something intrinsic you love about your spouse. Be very specific!
  • Refrain from saying anything negative to or about your spouse today.
  • Give your spouse at least one three-second kiss.
  • Most importantly: Pray for your spouse. Something very specific.
The thing that makes it a secret? Don't point out that you did any of this stuff. No, "Oh, did you see I did your chore for you? Aren't I nice!" None of that. Just do it without hope of recognition or praise. Do it because you love your spouse. Or because you want to love your spouse. Make the choice.

And, you know, you could do this tomorrow, too. And the next day. And the next day.

In fact, repeat daily. Forever.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Why are you taunting us - I wanna hear that story!

  2. Since I'm a day late-- I'll do it today!

  3. Lovely post ... sort of a random act of spousal kindness. ;)

    Did you get my email last week? Would love to get a phone call in soon! ;)

  4. I LOVE this challenge. The longer I'm married, the more I realize that it is the little things that often have the biggest impact. It's also super easy to get caught in the busyness of life and all the things that the kids have going on, and sometimes you forget to go the extra mile for your show them they're loved and take time to focus solely on them!

    I've been writing all the little things I appreciate about my husband in this great Mr. & Mrs. journal from DaySpring. I write down the small things he does for me that make me feel loved, the quirky things about his personality that I appreciate, things he does for me that he may think goes unnoticed. There are some days I don't write anything in the journal and other days I write 3 or 4 things.

    It's a great way to show your appreciation. {And I'm also giving away a $50 Dayspring shopping spree, so if you want to get one of these journals, swing by and enter)


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