Friday, February 4, 2011

Top Seven Things I Learned by Not Going to Blissdom

So last week was a big deal in the blogosphere. A conference called Blissdom happened. It's a conference where bloggers share ideas and learn new things. A lot of my bloggy friends got to go. They met each other, they had a good time together. They learned stuff about how to grow their blogs and market themselves. 

There was even a flash mob. A flash mob, people! Have I ever expressed my desire to be a part of a flash mob? It's a burning desire in the core of my soul.

And I wasn't there.

All I have of the experience is cryptic Tweets and blog posts from blogger friends involving new names and inside jokes. *sigh*  

So, in honor of Blissdom and all the things people have been posting this week, here's my Blissdom post:

Top Ten Seven Things I Learned by Not Going to Blissdom

7. Most lists have ten things. I didn't learn enough to have ten. If I'd gone to Blissdom, I could have made a Top Ten Things I Learned from Going to Blissdom. I'd have learned so much! But I can't, so I'm stuck with seven. *sigh*

6. People at Blissdom dance like crazy, even when sober. And even when they're not part of the flash mob. I could have shown off my funky fresh moves. Now the world may never see me get down with my bad self.

5. I clearly do not Tweet enough. Blissdom people do, and they use Twitter to grow their blogs. Not me. I use Twitter, but not as effectively as I could use Twitter.

4. Blissdom people learn how to make pretty blogs. Mine is the ugly stepchild of Blissdom blogs.

3. I don't know as many people as Blissdom people do. They can squeeze eight, ten names into a single tweet! I don't even know what they're saying, but they're saying it to and about lots of people. People they've actually met now.

2. I'm not effective at marketing myself. Blissdom people do a better job of that. I'm learning that social media is a full-time job—one that I don't know how to do very well! But I'd be a pro if I'd gone to Blissdom.

1. Cool kids go to Blissdom. Next year, I'm going to be a cool kid.

So that's my top ten seven list. Next year, I'll have all sorts of neat things to share. But for now, I'm going to wallow in self-pity. And watch some Buffy. And eat some cookies.

Don't miss Blissdom, kids, or this lonely cookie-eating, Buffy-watching will be your fate!


  1. You are cracking me up!

    You definitely need to go to Blissdom!

    And I agree - Twitter is where it's AT! Tweet with people as much as possible!!

  2. If you kept up with all of those Blissdom folks, you'd lose what we identify with you the most about! The rest of us lazy Christians would start to wonder!

  3. Touché, Sara! I can't really rock the lazy if I'm being all productive and stuff. lol

  4. Although, cookie eating and Buffy watching are both glorious pursuits.

  5. You MUST come next year! It's so fun! Like a giant slumber party with wisdom and classes and yummy food and new friends and more and more and more

    I hope you come and I hope that I get to meet you if you do.

    Thank you for the smiles this morning :-)

  6. I'm out of the Blissdom loop as well. *sigh* I consider myself to be sort of tech-savvy but I still haven't gotten the hang of Twitter.

    You crack me up, btw.

  7. I'm going to go on record that you can absolutely be world-class lazy and still enjoy, learn, and benefit from/at Blissdom. *wink*

    Hope you make it next year!

  8. I totally hope you go to Blissdom next year.

    But I'll say this: I responded "who?" a lot while there.

    Someone would say "Oh I just met The Next Big Thing." And I'd say "Who?" They'd say "The Next Big Thing. I'd say "Who?"

    It was like an Abbott and Costello routine.

    So I don't know that many people.

    But those that I do? Twitter.

  9. Well, pass me along, sister! I'm following like a hundred blogs to meet new peeps! I need to find more bloggers in my niche, though. Most of my bloggy and Twitter friends are awesome mommy bloggers, so I think I need more faith bloggers in the mix.

  10. LOL, I found your blog by your Twitter #blissdom!! I didn't go either and was just going to swallow in pity a bit more. I even begged someone to tell me that they were disappointed in being there. One person lied back to me. We need to make a pact that next year we ARE GOING TO BE THE COOL KIDS!!

  11. I feel your pain - I didn't go to Blissdom either! Hilarius list!

  12. I have this constant push-pull with blogging. I just can't keep up with returning emails, visiting everyone and leaving a piggy yet clever comment.

    It's a challenge. But I will say that Twitter really helps.

  13. You will get better at Tweeting! I felt weird about it at first. Julia at Work, Wife, Mom...Life! did a great post with tips. I think you'll really like her blog in general.

    Also, blog tips can be found over at Gigi did a Back 2 School/Back 2 Blogging thing last fall. I learned a LOT from that. Here's the link to the first post:

    I wanted to go to Blissdom, and someday I will meet my bloggy friends IRL, but for now, unless one happens in KC, I will just have to dream about it. :)

  14. This was my first year going- felt left out last year.

    Hope you go next year!

  15. Girl, I was at Blissdom and don't think I can come up with a top 5 list. My list would be done in all caps, it would utilize too many exclamation points and it would include the word, "awesome" entirely too much. You're way farther ahead than I am by not having attended. Hee.

    But fer realz, you gotta be there next year. Hope to see you there!

  16. Giggle. I can relate with your lonely, cookie-eating, Buffy-watching self. I didn't go to Blissdom either.

  17. I hope you do go!!! That would be so great!!! I'm so happy to have stumbled across you on twitter. :)

    I know what you're saying about marketing. I am terrible about marketing myself and self-promotion. I shy away from it completely. I turn down so many opps because of that. It just feels like I'm patting myself on the back, so I avoid it all.Dumb, huh?


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