Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Slow Fast

So my husband and I had the zany idea to do a Daniel Fast over Lent this year. The fast is based on Daniel and his buddies (from, you know, the book of Daniel) where they eat fruits and veggies instead of the hearty meats and fancy desserts the king offers them. Kind of a spiritual protest.

Don't worry, I'm not protesting anything. It's more of a spiritual "reset" button. And a physical one, as I fear I've become a sugar addict of late and my pancreas is getting cranky again. So it's fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains. No sugar, nothing made with yeast, and only water to drink. Avoiding processed things. Here's the official list.

Yay...beans. Lots and lots of them. Beany goodness. Mmm.

Yesterday was officially Fat Tuesday at our house. We ate junk all day yesterday. Donuts for breakfast, Chick-Fil-A for lunch, nachos at Moe's for dinner. The nachos were vegetarian, if that counts for anything!

It doesn't. I know.

If I cross your mind, please pray for us. I'm also trying to cut down on the amount of TV I watch. My Roku player and my Netflix instant queue are awesome and awful at the same time. I have plenty of other things to do! I don't need to watch junk!

But I want to watch junk. Le sigh.

So pray for my husband and me as we embark on this reset of the spirit, body, and mind. It's going to be a long forty days.

And I don't know why they call it a fast. It's going to go soooooo sloooooowly...


  1. Go Fight Win. I think that's hysterical you loaded up yesterday. ~ Wendy

  2. Rachel, love your last line. You go girl! I bet you will feel lots better. But you try first...teehee...

  3. Yes, loading up was HILARIOUS. I actually thought I wasn't going to make it through the night---that my pancreas would be so overwhelmed by all the junk that I was done for. Guess it held off, knowing today was the turnaround!

    @Wendy Paine Miller

  4. This is very interesting. I'm not sure I could give up coffee, though.

    I might never get out of bed again! :)

  5. I don't drink coffee, but my husband's not giving his up. He only has one cup a day, so we decided that was something he could keep. Just like we're keeping one yogurt a day, even though we're supposed to give up dairy entirely. It's more about the experience than the content!

    @Elisabeth Black

  6. We should swap recipes this month, since I'm doing Mostly Meatless March.

  7. @Rachel

    Ahhh I see so a modified Daniel Fast. I have since decided that apparently god really wants to use this Daniel Fast to refine me. Another friend of mine mentioned it today. I've never heard of it before.

    So anyway, I'm doing it whole hog and coffee. Should be interesting.

  8. The first week is the hardest! :) I did one a couple years ago and it wasn't too bad. The worst part was feeling like I was always hungry but I found that protein helped with that, like lots of nuts and hummus. (don't know if that has protein or not, but it was filling!) I want to do a fast but I haven't decided when or what yet...but it won't be a 40 day one, at least not right now. You'll be fine!! Blessings!

  9. You can do this girl! I know you can! I will be praying for you!

    I did the South Beach plan a year and a half ago - and lost 44 lbs. I am fixing to re-start it to lose the rest of the 60 lbs. goal...and the first two weeks are a challenge! No bread or grains of any kind, or fruit - only veggies, dairy and protein (and a lot of it!). Oh, and lots of water and decaf tea...and thank goodness of Sugar-Free Jell-O pudding cups! haha It got me through!

    But coming out of those two weeks - I discovered I no longer had a craving for sugars other than fresh fruit! It was amazing!

    So this is great you are doing this...sugar is really one of those things in our American society where it has gotten way out of control. So yeah to your dedication...and I will pray for your journey with your husband! :)

  10. Absolutely will pray for you!! I've never been called to fast or make drastic changes to my diet. But I feel like the healthier journey I've been on for a year has been God directed and supported and I'm seeing the purpose in it all the time. So I'm going to continue to follow my heart and pray for others to do the same!


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