Friday, April 8, 2011

Friendly Friday: Julie Moore

Today's Friendly Friday post is from a fabulous lady by the name of Julie Moore.

You know, in case you didn't get that from the title.

She blogs over at JulieMooreOnLife. She's super godly and super insightful—the kind of insightful I aim for right before I careen into the absurd. She's a life coach and an author, to boot. And today's post is such a coincidence, as I was just pondering the lyrics to this song the other day. Maybe it's a Godincidence!

Make sure you go check her out when you leave here. She'll seriously make your day.


Thank you Rachel for allowing me the opportunity to share with your friends—soon to become my friends, too, I hope. You are such a blessing to me as I read your words, words that make me think and examine myself in order that I can grow closer to my God.

Stairway to Heaven

I was thinking about the song "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin yesterday. So I pulled up the words on Google and read back over them. They really didn’t make much sense to me except when he said, “and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.” It makes me think of the times in my life that I thought I could buy my way on up that stairway.

For years into my Christian life I followed the Savior pretty steady by my standards. I made my way up the stairway just fine without much looking back. I put one foot in front of the other and marched up each step by living according to the rules, having my children in church every Sunday, living as the submissive wife (well, outwardly), and serving in the capacity anyone asked me to at the church. Personal time with the Lord was hard to come by, but I was “doing” everything I supposed to be doing wasn’t I? I just kept dragging myself up that stairway so I could hear the words “Well done good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:23

Eventually there came that time when I could no longer climb those stairs and I stumbled and fell to the bottom. As I lay there crumpled up in a heap, I felt completely defeated. Now I would not hear those words I had so longed to hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Where were all those “rules”, “obligations”, and “works” now that I needed them most?

The truth is they were dead—they had always been dead, I just didn’t know it. For some reason salvation for me included working to make God proud of me, working to keep up appearances for other Christians, and striving to serve and prove my love for God. But after lying in a pit of deep despair and sin for a while, I finally gave up and came to the end of myself.

Flash forward to a new day—today! What have I learned about that "Stairway to Heaven?" There’s not a stairway to heaven. There’s no drudgery, working, striving, pleasing to get to the top to hear those words I so want to hear. Amazingly enough, the Father is pleased with me just as I am because, when I became His child, He created me new, complete, whole, beautiful, and precious in His sight. God’s Holy Spirit lives in me giving me a “want to” to want to be like Jesus. I don’t have to work at it to make it happen. However, I do have to rest in Him and let it happen. Surrendering to be a Spirit-controlled woman is the best thing that I’ve ever done. It has freed me to be the woman of God I was created to be. I can take off the masks that I’ve been hiding behind for so many years, and when I listen to the Spirit, I naturally—or should I say supernaturally—do what He’s calling me to do. My love for Him is the motivation for serving Him now, and, oh, how I love Him because He first loved me. (1 John 4:9)

© Julie Moore, 2011


  1. I found Julie through this blog, if I recall correctly. And am so glad I did. Great choice for today's guest post!!

    Julie- I'm glad you shared this aspect of your story. And I really hope others will come and check you out because you are worth the read every time!!

  2. I found Rachel through Julie recently -- isn't this fun? Great post -- why is it so many of us fall into the trap of doing even when we know it's a trap? I love, love, love the honesty and authenticity of both your blogs, Rachel and Julie, thank you for sharing with the rest of us!

  3. Thanks Liz for you super duper encouragement. You always give me reason to keep it up.

    Amy you know I appreciate you and the way you present your thoughts. You are head on. Thanks for coming by here.

    @Eternal Lizdom

  4. Great, thoughtful post. I so long to always to be "Surrendering to be a Spirit-controlled woman," rather than hold to my own stubborn ways as I do sometimes.

    I love, love, love that 1 John verse. It's one of my favorites.

  5. Caroline, That's what I want more than anything too. My life is so blessed when I live this way and others are blessed by Him through me when I let Him do His awesomeness in me.


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