Friday, April 1, 2011

Friendly Friday: My Epic Life & Stories

I'm a bit of a stalker on Twitter. Ever since I decided to go to the Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference in July, I've been keeping my eye on the #p31shespeaks Twitter tag. I follow pretty much everyone who uses it so that maybe I'll know someone when I get to North Carolina in July.

Can't say it's not useful. This stalking is how I met Katrina!

She's a real sweetheart and a godly woman who's gone through a lot lately, and she's now a single mother of three. She writes from the heart at My Epic Stories & Writing, and I can't wait to meet her at She Speaks! Read her work here, then pop on over to her blog to leave her some love!


When asked by Rachel at The Lazy Christian to do a guest post I jumped at the opportunity, not only because I wanted to gain more exposure to my poor little blog located at My Epic Stories & Writing, but because I love her real stories and experiences. If only we all could be as open as Rachel, our Christian walk would probably be one that is more towards the explosive end of a firecracker than the fizzled end of a sparkler.

As a single mother of three young children there are many things I struggle with in my Christian walk. However, the big one is being consistent with whom I am around my children. Countless times throughout the day I find myself being someone I used to be and never want to be again. That person who didn’t care what was said around her children, what her children saw, and how other people around them impacted their growth with Jesus.

I refuse to be that kind of mother.

It’s just not where I want my children led. I am not the perfect mother—or anything remotely close—but I strive each and every day to be the mother God created me to be. As a woman I wear many hats, and I have many different titles from many different people, but “mother” is one of the most important.

Before I was willing to let God in on a daily basis and make Him the first person I ran to in the morning, my days were never successful by any definition of the word. I could never find contentment in anything I did or anyone I was around. Everything seemed so pointless because there was no reason to my days. I don’t want to sound all cliché but this is exactly how it happened:

One day I woke up and the light bulb turned on and it was burning brightly! I knew from that moment forward I needed to make each and every day about Him and for Him. Living the way I saw fit was not getting me anywhere, but by following His will for my life and letting Him lead me in His ministry, I knew that my life would be beneficial to everyone I crossed paths with.

That day was just about a little over a month ago, I have been saved for almost 15 years now, but my life was nothing like a Christian walk. Now thanks to a God who says “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13), I have a promise that all I have to do is open my heart completely and there He’ll be.


I don’t know of anyone else who is willing to be that dedicated. Even as a mother it’s hard for me to not be selfish some of the time. Yet our God is anything but selfish. He sacrificed so much to give us a life with Him. I don’t know about you, but I will strive each and every day for the rest of my life to make sure I get that life.
My children are growing in church, I am growing in church, and I have met some of the most wonderful Christian friends a girl could ever ask for. Not only have I made relationships that I hope will last for a long time to come, but I have found my calling in life. I have enrolled in writing classes, taken up a passion—writing—that I thought I’d lost, and registered for this year’s She Speaks 2011 Conference to gain some knowledge and skill in the Christian writer’s market.

I don’t think that my life has ever had more purpose to it than it does now, and all because I listened to a Father who never gave up on me.


  1. Wonderful post! I will look forward to meeting you at She Speaks, as well! I hope you bring lots of pics of your sweet little babies!

    I think it is wonderful that you are finding your voice. God is faithful, He will continue to lead and guide you to finish the work He has begun in you!

    Thanks, Rachel, for sharing Katrina with us! :)

  2. I love how we can be sailing along in our life as a Christian and stumble over some truth that we've known forever and it all of a sudden becomes REAL to us!! Like you, Katrina, I've been a Christian for a LONG time, but have only recently started REALLY LIVING for the Lord. :) He is good to us. And patient. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story!

  3. I liked this post very much. Thanks for encouraging those mothers raising kids to do it God's way. It can be so hard today. I wish I had a "do over" with my kids but I'm just loving and accepting them where they are, the way they are, right here, right now. Can't go back so we much march forward in Jesus love.

  4. Nice to see you over here at Rachel's blog, Katrina! Thanks for sharing your heart with us.


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