Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Show Me

The world has lots of Christians. For some reason, many of them believe different things. The Rapture. Purgatory. Papal edict. Hating non-Christians. There are a ton of varying ideas and ideologies, some more dangerous than others.

Two words: show me.

Book, chapter, verse. Show me where those things are in the Bible. Without taking the verses out of context. Without putting human intentions on it.

A recent event has me a little upset. Last month, a pastor in Florida burned a copy of the Quran. News travels slowly, it seems, but when word got to Afghanistan last week, there was a violent protest at the United Nations complex. I've heard varying reports on how many died over the weekend—some reports say 20, some say 22.

That's a lot of people.

Did those people know Christ? They sure don't have a chance to now.

Where in the Bible does it say that God wants us to be hateful? Where does it say it's OK for us to give up the lives of others for our beliefs (especially the non-Biblical ones)? The Bible says that God wishes that none would perish and all would come to repentance. He wanted those twenty people in his arms.

Is there a "No Muslims" clause somewhere in the Bible? What about a "No Gays" clause? Because those two groups seem to get a lot of unwarranted hate from Christians.

Show me where God thinks that's OK. Because I'm pretty sure Jesus said the two greatest commandments are, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength," and, "Love your neighbor as yourself."

I don't see any exceptions printed. Did I miss some footnotes? Nope. Don't think I did.

Everyone has the chance to be saved. We need to show radical love, not radical hate. There's no way people are going to follow Christ if his followers are jerks. If you think it's fine to hate this group or that, to be mean or cruel or disrespectful to them, or to think they're excluded from God's grace if they ask for it, I have two words for you:

Show. Me.


  1. Great post! I agree with you that we need more love, and no where as I can recall or from the message I got on Sunday that hate was a part of Christianity.

  2. This is definitely a tough subject! I am definitely not in agreement with the Koran burning. And yet, I cannot bring myself to blame anyone directly for not receiving of the Gospel. I used to have this conversation with my father many years ago...he said some things against the faith because of the behavior of other so called believers. But I told him that, when we stand before GOd to give an account of our lives, we can't just stand there and say "because so and so was a hypocrite and I didn't like the hate I saw in other believers". It's like when Adam blamed Eve for eating the apple. The rich man was begging for Lazarus to go back to his brothers and warn them of what was to come, Abraham said if they hear not Moses and the prophets, then they won't be persuaded if one rose from the dead. If they can't be persuaded TO Christ if one rose from the dead, then I believe the converse is true and that someone cannot be led AWAY from Christ because someone does something stupid in His name. When it comes down to it, people are ultimately going to do what they really want to do, whether it's follow Him or not. Assigning so much weight and blame to one little man who burned a Koran on Youtube, when I'm sure there are TONS of other videos on Youtube that sincerely share the Gospel and love of Christ, to me is somehow, I don't know, not right.

    That's my take on it, for what it's worth!!! :)

    Ok, ducking now, lol!!!

  3. @Mining for Diamonds

    Oh, I totally understand your point. I just don't understand what he was trying to accomplish. Why do something so inflammatory? What purpose does that serve except to alienate and anger Muslims? Muslims are super protective of the Quran---riots have been started over less than a Quran burning. Knowing that, what did he think the outcome was going to be?

    I know those who died may not have known Christ and may never have known Christ, and I know the people didn't have to riot no matter what that pastor did, but it just seems wrong to incite others that way. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." So shouldn't we all be striving to be peacemakers, not instigators?

  4. You know I'm full on with the love and acceptance and open arms of Christ stuff.

    Here's another point that always stays with me. We are ALL children of God. If He created all of us and we are all created in His image, what right do I have to then turn around and decide that sicne that image doesn't match my image, it's obviously wrong?

    God is so vast and great... how could I ever try to limit him to just my little reflection?

  5. What is Truth? God's Word, not my opinion.

    I just cannot imagine Jesus responding to a non believer by burning their item of faith. That certainly isn't the path of sharing God's love.

  6. @Rachel...Yes, I agree. What he did was provoking and I hate to say it, but almost like an "I dare you", like he WANTED to get a rise out of the Muslims in order to "prove" his point...which is manipulative and evil, even if you slap the name of Jesus on it. That actually makes it worse. It's obvious he doesn't have the Spirit of God! But I don't know...I think the Muslims could've had a different reaction! What does it say about them that they respond by killing people? Doesn't make them look good either.

    It's all so messed up!!!

    Good post, by the way! :)

  7. Good post Rachel. Yes God does want all to come to know Him that is why He still tarries. It is tragic when a life is snuffed out too early, maybe even before that soul gets the chance to hear the truth of Jesus. Darkness is everywhere and we as believers are the only light in this darkness.

    So it's a shame we sometimes bring more darkness than light to the world. The man who burned the Koran incited hate which grew more hate and is still producing hate even to this day.

  8. @Mining for Diamonds

    Yes, but we can never rely on how other people are going to respond, which is why we have to do our best to be Christlike in how we act and interact with others. We have guidelines---non-Christians can't be expected to respond in a Christlike way!

  9. Oh girl, I hear you! I was so angry when I heard about that pastor. How on earth does that show people the love of God? It's like they want to keep people out of heaven and it infuriates me and then it breaks my heart.


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