Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Critic

I think I'm a hyper-critical person. Not only am I super critical about myself, but I tend to be critical about others, too. Mostly performance-related things—acting, dancing, singing. Probably because I do all of those things. I think I can be critical when it comes to writing, too, but it's mostly grammar. Those rules aren't mine.

But the other ones kind of are. Ugh.

This was really brought to my attention on Sunday at our ballroom dance showcase. It's a day-long event where people do ballroom dance routines all day long. My husband and I even did a short routine—very short. Only 30 seconds. It was fun!

But as the day wore on and I watched more and more performances, I was tired and cold (that room was freezing), and my inner critic started to come out. I couldn't say much about the actual dance steps, since I'm a beginner myself, but I sure had an opinion on everything else.

These people need more energy. Those people have blank faces and look bored to death. Everyone points too much. Who needs to point during a foxtrot? This song is awful. I hate it when people use props! So cheesy!

Seriously. I sounded like Len from Dancing With the Stars.

But you know what? Len's a judge. Someone appointed him to say those things. Not me. My job was to support my fellow dancers, do my little 30-second routine, and just enjoy the day. But I let the critic in me come out and make me grumpy. It really brought down my attitude and the day with it.

I need to curb my critic. I need to learn that no one cares what I think. No one appointed me to the Council of Essential Opinions. If there is such a thing. Which I doubt.

When does your critic come out? How do you suppress it? I'm taking suggestions!


  1. Hmmmm...my critic erupts in the grocery store. It unaccountably bothers me to see people have tonnes of junk on the conveyer belt. I don't know why.

    I also "know a lot about dance" when I watch "Dancing with the Stars".

  2. Yep mine comes out when watching reality shows, like i know about about dance and singing, NOT! I am also critical when I feel depressed, so I guess I want others to be down too. Thanks so very, very much, no I mean it, really thanks a bunch for causing me to examine myself and see my own faults. (actually I don't like to look at my faults) But I do love your transparency.


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