Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Obligatory Oprah Post

So I watched the Oprah finale yesterday.

I haven't watched Oprah in a long time. I'll maybe catch an episode once every few months if I'm bored or if I'm really interested in a guest or topic. But both of those scenarios are few and far between. Especially since another channel has started showing reruns of The Partridge Family and Three's Company in the afternoon.


Anyway. I'm going to avoid having a severe opinion of Oprah, one way or the other. She's a one-woman conglomerate, which is crazy beans to me. But she also does a lot of good in the world, which is—awesome beans? Haven't tried that one yet.

But something she said on her show today—to which I was only half paying attention, mostly due to the migraine I had—stuck with me. I think it's a Maya Angelou quote, so I'll use the Maya Angelou version of it:

"Now that I know better, I do better."

That's a swell thought. Shouldn't that be how it works? Shouldn't we all be learning and growing, and then improving our lives out of that knowledge and growth? When you make a mistake, you learn and you change your behavior.

We should.

We don't. Not always, anyway.

It's a part of any form of maturity. Knowing what's unacceptable and then not doing that anymore. Like wiping your arm on your sleeve at the dinner table. By the time kids are ten years old (and hopefully before!), they know that's not an acceptable thing to do. They learn to use a napkin. They know better, so they make a better choice.


This concept is really at the heart of the Christian walk. Christianity is a constant learning process. As long as we're growing and fostering our relationship with God, he shows us things about ourselves that could stand to improve: how we treat other people, the attitudes we have, hearts that have been hardened by difficult life experiences. God points out the wrong attitudes in our lives and tells us to make a change. And when we know there's a better choice, we should make the better choice.


*sigh* It's not the easiest thing to do.

But I want to do better! I don't want anyone to look at my attitude and say, "Well, she's clearly not at the right place spiritually." I want to be a mature Christian who makes great decisions and has a positive influence on the people and lives around me!

And, honest to goodness, that's not out of reach. If I'm only willing to change and grow. And do better.

I suppose I owe Oprah a "thank you" for this post. Because I needed one more thing to work on. Le sigh.

Have you learned something lately that you need to implement so you can "do better?"

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  1. In answer to your question, yes. I actually, oddly enough, got it from the most recent O magazine becasue I wanted to see what the last words from Ms. conglomerate would be.... In it I found an article about embracing the end of good things. It gave a tip that we can, when we have to say goodbye to things we love in life, recall the tough thing or former goodbye that ultimately lead to today's good thing. That perspective helps us allow life to go on and to release things that aren't ours to hold on to. Very good point and something I'm really mulling over since I read it!


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