Friday, June 24, 2011

Friendly Friday: Rob Tucker

It's a man!

That's right, my very first post from a dude. I'm so glad that dude is Rob Tucker, a Twitter pal and blogger who cracks me up on a daily basis. His blog, Skipping Stones, even hosted a guest post from me last week! So we've done a good ol' swap-a-roo, and now it's Rob's turn to be my guest.

And he uses the word "salacious." Double-triple brownie points!

Be sure to follow him on Twitter and hop over to his blog once you're done here. You won't be disappointed!


A friend of mine went away recently for a vacation.  Let’s call her “Jane”.  While Jane was away, someone decided that she was pregnant.  That person also thought it would be a good idea to share their idea with someone else.  Somewhere along the way, the idea became fact.  By the time Jane got home, it had been confirmed: Jane was pregnant. 

Except she wasn’t.

Part of me wanted to laugh about this.  Gossip is really not that big of a deal, is it?  But God says it is. In Romans 1, Paul says that there is a place where we can walk so far away from God, that God gives us over to all sorts of evil stuff.  Included in his list are murder, malice, and hating God.  Oh, and gossip.  Gossip?  Really?  Right up there on a list with murderers and God-haters?

Gossip is powerful. 

I read that in 1887, people started spreading a rumor that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t really buried in his own grave.  So many people believed this, that they dug up his corpse.  Sheesh.  Strange thing was, 14 years later the rumor circulated again, so they dug him up…again.  There’s just something about gossip that is so enticing, so juicy, that we want to believe it.  And then pretty soon it becomes fact.  And it hurts people.  Think about it:

Gossip is how relationships are broken.

Gossip is how reputations are  destroyed.

Gossip is how wars are started.

So the next time you are tempted to spread some salacious information, stop, and say something kind instead!

© Rob Tucker, 2011


  1. haha salacious...I dropped a zeitgeist bomb in my last post. what a goober. thanks for the swap.

  2. something I need to be reminded of! Thanks!

  3. Rob...excellent reminder that even the non-gossipy type (like myself) need to keep this in check...because it does sneak in at the most obscure times if we're not careful!

    And I love "salacious"...such a rich word! It oozes with poignancy on this issue.


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