Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Knowing Me, Knowing You

I love when I can name a post after an ABBA song. Don't you?

When I posted yesterday, I had an interesting feeling. While I was writing, I thought, "Even though this post is about me, this post isn't for me."

Sometimes when I write a post for everyone to read, I'm really writing it because I need to reinforce the idea in my own heart and mind. It's something I'm struggling with or trying to deal with. I write about it so I can process it. It's just something that works for me.

But occasionally an idea comes to me that isn't for me. Sure, I can use my life experiences and my words, but I have a gut feeling that God is intending that post for someone else. Someone who's dealing with that exact thing and who needs encouragement or truth or something God-sent to speak into his or her life.

Yesterday's post was one of those times.

I just knew, in writing that post, that God had a particular audience in mind. It could have been just one person. It could have been a person who'd never read my blog before and stumbled upon it randomly. Isn't that incredible? I love to have even a smidge of insight into what God's thinking sometimes.

Do you ever have those moments with God? What do you do with them?


  1. I love how you write! Its like sitting next to you and having a real time conversation - thank you for being the real you always, and saying the stuff you are thinking rather than stuff you think wants to be heard by others!

  2. I know that most of what i write about, God intends for me. But we all struggle with similar things, so I know He intends to use it in the life of others too. I have been so blessed by people sharing their own hearts and struggles that I feel open to share mine. I hope it will bless others the way others have blessed me! I really enjoy your blog!

  3. I try to listen because, He seems to continue to bring them up when I don't.

  4. After I had my son, and I was struggling to recuperate, I made a promise to God: to use my writing skills to communicate my early motherhood experiences, so that other women would be encouraged. And to raise the profile of issues like traumatic births, difficult aftermaths, and miscarriage.

    I very much felt--and still do--that God was using pain to wake me up, and point me in a new direction, for my own spiritual growth, and to serve as a source of encouragement for other women.

    These days I'm writing both about me and for others--a combination that both informs my work as a journalist and inspires me as a Christian. To do better, to be better, to think beyond my own myopia.

    I'm with you, Rachel--catching even the tiniest glimpse of God's agenda is a gift.


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