Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Lazy Christian's Guide to Lazy Christians

I get many different reactions when people see the name "The Lazy Christian." Some laugh and think it's funny. Which I think it is. Some don't think much of it either way. And then some get offended.

Seriously. Offended.

They think I'm making fun of Christianity, which—if you've ever read this blog—is totally not the case. I guess I can see their point, though. No one wants the words "lazy" and "Christian" in the same breath.

Laziness, in its simplest form, is selfishness. "The Selfish Christian" sounds much worse, doesn't it? But what human isn't selfish at the core? No matter how hard we try to live for others and give and give, we all have moments when we are at the center of our thinking. Probably more than moments, if we're being totally honest. We'd rather go with the cultural flow than do the work required to be countercultural. One is easy; one is hard. One allows us to be lazy; one requires actual effort.

Guess which one we're inclined to pursue?

You see, the thing about being a lazy Christian is that we are all lazy Christians. Are any of us really working at our full potential in Christ? We are all works in progress—we do more some days than others, we wax and wane. We go whole hog one week and we're bare bones the next week.

And we can do that. Do you know why?

Because God has done 99% of the work. We only have to do the last 1%, which involves saying yes to Christ and living our lives by him, for him, and with him. All of the hard stuff has been done for us. Compared to what God has done, we'll always look lazy. We're just silly humans who caught an incredible break.

So what does the label "Lazy Christian" really mean?

It means I have shortcomings and flaws and I'm willing to admit them. It means I don't have it all together all the time. It means, yes, I'm selfish sometimes, even though I wish I weren't. It means I see the state my heart is in and I don't want it to stay in that condition. Otherwise I'd call myself a "Content Christian" or a "That's Good Enough Christian."

But, most of all, it means I recognize all the work God has done for me and in me, and I know he'll carry it through to completion.

Even if I am a Lazy Christian.


  1. It cracks me up that people are offended by your name! AND that they feel the need to actually TELL you that! I have some advice for them. #1. Get over yourself and #2. Find a hobby.

    Great post. :)

  2. When I first read your blog's name, I just knew there would be a lady of much enthusiasm and quirkiness. Seems I was right.
    God bless

  3. We're all lazy Christians?! Um, speak for yourself. ;) Kidding...

    I think it's funny. And true.

  4. True dat! Clearly people who are offended don't know you and don't get it. You rock, my friend!

  5. Thanks for keeping it real. Nobody has it all together and if they say they do, they are in denial. I like the name!

  6. Yes: "But, most of all, it means I recognize all the work God has done for me and in me, and I know he'll carry it through to completion."

    Laying out the truth again, Rachel! Thanks!

  7. It is amazing how people get offended...heck, I even get offended. And is the wild thing that often slips out of our brain cells when we get puffed up with offense...

    “Offense is the best defense.”

    To be offended is to be defensive. Therefore, if one is offended by your "internet handle" or the title of your blog...they are only being defensive because something has called out to their heart, convicting them of the very thing they hate to see reflected back in the mirror at them...themselves in their natural, sinful state.

    Brava for you stepping up and out and laying it all out for the naysayers who are only executing defensive tactics that are absolutely moot and pointless considering you nailed it with the truth that God has done 99% of the work. The last 1% is HUGE to complete the whole big pizza pie!

    I knew there was a spark about you from your handle alone, Rachel. You speak the hard truth when many others would rather pop their head in a hole like an ostrich and hope it all just goes away. I deeply value this about you…so thankful to God for you and your voice! You’re awesome!

  8. FANTASTIC post! We are all lazy and selfish. I actually wrote a post the other day about reverse judgments and I believe being offended by things ties in with that. We all love voicing our opinions, don't we? (Which I just did by leaving this comment. LoL)


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