Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Music and the Mirror

This is one of my favorite new worship songs. Take a listen:

As we were singing this in church on Sunday, it got to the part that says, "My heart will sing no other name," and I thought, "That's right, Lord! What other name would my heart sing?"


Oh. That name. But I mean, like, what name would I put first in my heart? Clearly, it's only Jesus!


Come on! Really?


This may be a new kind of smackdown: A Worship Smackdown. *sigh*

I feel like I've been super selfish lately. Not necessarily in ways obvious to others, but obvious to me—and to God. How little time I've spent with him because I want to do what Rachel wants to do. How little studying or praying I've done because Rachel has gotten in the way. I don't feel like I've been extraordinarily busy. In fact, it's possible that I've been extra lazy, instead. Life isn't keeping me from what I ought to do. Rachel is. Me. I'm doing this to myself. And to God.

My heart is singing my own name louder than God's.


Sometimes I like to imagine that there's this mirror in my heart. When I look into it, I see what's truly in my heart—I usually see Jesus. And I figure that's what's shining out to the world, too. Lately, I haven't even wanted to look. I caught a glimpse the other day, and the only face in the mirror was mine. There was maybe a part of Jesus' shoulder or something in the frame, but that's about it. It's all me now.

And I don't like it.

Who's in your mirror? What name does your heart really sing?


  1. Such an honest post. As much as I want to put God first, I get selfish too.

  2. Oh, so poignant - I have definitely been doing what I want to do. Or even things I need to do, but putting those before God. Ugh. Love that song, too. :)

  3. Oh girl...I know what you're talking about. I live moments like these often...and I get just as frustrated with them. And as a counselor would is normal because our flesh loves to take over and become it's own god. However, what you are doing is extremely healthy - not "normal." You are getting transparent with it girl...awesome! This is amazing stuff right here, because this right here is the first step into a new area God is calling you into. Moments like these happen for a reason - but it's not that they happen that means much of It's our response to the moments.

    There is a great movie called Peaceful Warrior that is based off the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. It is honestly a great book...and a lot of Christ's teachings are reflected in this book (though a lot of the images and concepts have a more Buddhist background). It is evidently clear that God has us living in certain moments in our lives to embrace to live in and grow in, in Him. The whole moral of the story of Peaceful Warrior is..."live in this moment." For this is where He is taking you on an amazing new part of the journey for your life!

    I raise my glass to it for you and say, "Cheers!"

    Also...yes, I love the song too! Our worship team started using it it!


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