Monday, June 20, 2011

A Short Play by Rachel: Just Go, Woman!

A Short Play by Rachel 

Just Go, Woman!
(Based on a True Story)

PASTOR, a wise gentleman, greets worshipers in the lobby after service. SUNNY, a woman with a question, approaches him.

SUNNY:    Good morning, Pastor! What a wonderful sermon!

PASTOR:   Thank you so much, Sunny! It's good to see you this week. How have you been?

SUNNY:     I've been troubled, Pastor.

PASTOR:    Troubled? Why?

SUNNY:     Well, I've been thinking of moving.

PASTOR:    Where to?

SUNNY:     Florida.

PASTOR:    Oh, that's a lovely state! Do you have family there?

SUNNY:    Well, no, but I really think that Florida would be better for my health. The kids are all grown up, and they're scattered around the country, and—well, I've just always wanted to live in Florida. Now that I have the chance, I'd like to go.

PASTOR:   That sounds great! So what troubles you?

SUNNY:     Do you think God wants me to move to Florida?

PASTOR:    (genuinely confused) What do you mean?

SUNNY:     Well, I've been praying about it, but I can't get a clear answer. I'm not sure if he wants me to move to Florida or not. Do you think he wants me to move to Florida?

PASTOR:    (reflects for a moment) Sunny, God doesn't care where you live.

SUNNY:     (aghast) Of course he does! What if he wants me to stay here and I move to Florida?

PASTOR:    So what if you do? God doesn't care where you live as long as you're living for him. You could live in Florida or Ohio or Timbuktu. He just wants you to live for him. You can do his work wherever you go. Do you want to live in Florida?

SUNNY:    Yes, but—

PASTOR:    Then go!

SUNNY:      But—

PASTOR:     Yes?

SUNNY:     But I thought you'd be able to tell me what God wants me to do!

PASTOR:    I can't do that! But even if I could, God would probably say, "Sunny, go where you like, but do my work when you get there!"

SUNNY, clearly unhappy with this answer, gives a quick, "Hmph!" and turns on her heel to leave. PASTOR watches after her and shrugs.


Many of us get into situations where we assume God's got an answer for us, if we could only know it. We ask for signs, we give ultimatums. But sometimes, God is truly ambivalent on the matter. Location is one of them. Some people do feel led to go overseas and share the Gospel—there's a specific calling for that—but no matter where you live, you can share the Gospel. God's OK if you move across town or across the globe, as long as you're sharing his love with others. 


  1. SIGH. I often want a sign. B/c it would just be so much easier that way.

  2. Thank you for this reminder. I'm always wondering what I should be doing and where I should be... but this spells it out quite simply. Very good reminder.

  3. I wanna kiss you, but I won't. This is so genius and so true.

    I often complain that believers are waiting for a sign in the sky before they act, when often God just says "Act..on MY behalf." He doesn't need to spell out every single detail. He gave us this amazing gift called the Holy Spirit that helps us make choices that are pleasing to Him.

    You've got my wheels turning. I feel a blog post coming on....

  4. I especially like that her name is sunny...nice job.

  5. So true. You've heard the story about the man trapped in the Alaskan wilderness? He comes stomping into a bar, all upset. "There is no God!" he mutters. "He left me to die in the wilderness!"

    "How did you get here then?" asked the barkeep.

    "Oh, some Eskimo saved me."

    Sometimes God is a bit more subtle, and creates opportunities. And sometimes we uses us through the opportunities we create for ourselves.

  6. I love this - it's awesome. It's true - people get caught up in the little things and lose perspective on what it's all about.

  7. Very well said! I've been in that exact position, frantically wondering if the Lord wanted me to or approved of my moving somewhere. I agree, sometimes we will have a special tug on our hearts for a place, but ultimately we just need to make sure we're working for Him wherever we go - whether we're sure He told us to move there or not. If we're doing His work, He will always be well pleased. Hope to meet you at She Speaks!

  8. Oh how many times I have waited on sign posts to tell me which way to go! Gosh!

    Recently, I found myself thinking about a scenario like this due to talking with a friend of mine. She just couldn't decide what to do about a job situation...and God landed it heavy on my heart to let her know that He may guide us in our lives, but He is often like a parent to an older child. He is going to be there, always to guide us and give us advice, but He is never going to tell us exactly what direction to go. He wants us to utilize the devices He has blessed us with and live out our lives in faith in Him...not looking to Him steering the wheel. We have the wheel in our hands...but He is our navigator. He is the one guiding...but we as the driver have the ability to choose to go the direction we want to go; and many times, it matters not the direction we go, as long as we take Him along with us. the navigator...if we do take a wrong turn, thankfully He is there to take the wheel and direct us back to where we need to be. Because we can for sure make wrong turns...but He never let's us go too far down the wrong direction.


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