Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Vacation Files: Toddler Vacations

I wasn't only on vacation from my blog last week—I got to take an actual vacation to the Outer Banks with my family! But I think I thought too much. I came up with several blog posts regarding vacation happenings.

Stop, brain! Stop! Jeepers.

Anyway, our beachy keen vacation was spent with my mother and father-in-law (Nonny and Pop-Pop to my son). They're really great to travel with—lots of fun, and my son adores them.

Maybe a little too much.

Between having my husband and Nonny and Pop-Pop around all the time, I was suddenly invisible to my toddler. Well, worse than invisible.


"May I have a hug?"

"No! I'll give Daddy a hug!"


"Here, baby. Hold my hand while we cross the parking lot."

"No! I'll hold Nonny's hand. I won't hold your hand."


It's so painful! I mean, I know he still loves me, but he just doesn't seem to like me when there are more interesting people around. It's one thing for him not to prefer me, but to out-and-out reject me when I ask him for a hug or a smooch or when I want to play with him?


Ooh—wait. I think—I think there's a lesson here. Wait. Hold on—it's coming to me...

Ah, yes.

The affections of children are fickle. I'm still his mom, so I know that, deep down, I'm still the tops. And it's not like I'll ever stop wanting to spend time with him or stop wanting affection from him or telling him I love him. I just have to wait until he's—well, until he's back in his right mind, I guess.

And guess who waits for me like that?

When all the other exciting people and things in life suddenly become more interesting, God waits for me. When he asks to spend time with me and I ignore him (or reject him), he still loves me. He still wants that time and affection from me.

"Do you want to have a chat?"

"No! I want to do what I want to do!"


"Can I help you with that?"

"No! I want someone else to help me with that!"


Same thing. Deep down, he's still tops, but I go through periods where I reject him or, at the very least, go to him as a last resort instead of a first choice.

Like a toddler on vacation.

Heavens. God has to feel the way I felt? That's awful. Of me. I'm awful.

Sorry, God.

Do you take "Toddler Vacations" when it comes to your spiritual life? Rejecting or ignoring God for whatever's better at the time?


  1. Excellent analogy, Rachel
    God bless

  2. Great insight, and oh so true! Guilty!

  3. I love this--what great insight. And I love it when the "simple things" in life can be some of the best teachers. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Seriously great analogy!
    Times when I've withdrawn from God are definately when he's not in my real of focus. These days I'm plugged in intentionally, I won't allow myself to falter with the blingy Worldly things.

  5. Great insight! You just jumped right back in there, didn't ya?

  6. Rachel, you're awesome at these analogies. Great reminder today. Thank you.

  7. Oh...I am so guilty of taking toddler vacations! I think I wrote a similar post about my Shihtzus rejecting me. :)

    This is my first visit to your blog. I like it!

    Blessings, LeeBird

  8. Rachel, great story. Just wait till your teenagers reject you all the time! I cried about it last night. Yes, they don't seem to like me OR love me half the time. My son rarely even speaks (age17). One boy and two girls(age 15 and 13) - never back in their right mind—it was very surprising to me as they grew. I always thought there would be SOMETHING about me they'd like—nope! Only when I buy them something. They hold me at arm's length when I still remember them holding their arms up to me for a hug. Maybe this too shall pass..... Anyway, thanks for the post!! 5minutesforthefrazzledmom.blogspot.com

  9. Did you somehow sneak into my brain one night recently and find I am experiencing the very same things...or is it just a toddler boy thing with our in-laws? haha Mercy...you nailed this! Good stuff, lady! Thank you for this...this was right on the mark...and I connect deeply with it since I too am going through this very same thing lately. Wow! He is good like that...right?


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