Monday, July 4, 2011

Freedom from the Free

Happy Independence Day! Why not use your freedom to help others attain freedom, too? Here are a few great organizations to look into:


I have a particular love for this company because it was founded by the Center for Global Impact (CGI), an organization that many of my friends work for. Tavi is an actual person—a woman in Cambodia who wanted to make a better life for her family and keep them out of poverty and away from the possibility of slavery (you can read more about her story here). CGI trained Tavi and other women to make goods to sell, and the byTavi was born. They have adorable scarves and bags, they're very reasonably priced, and they help protect these women and their families from poverty and the diseases and slavery that can come with it.

Rapha House exists to love, rescue, and heal children who have been rescued out of slavery and sexual exploitation. Operating as a 501(c)3, Rapha House began in 2003 to permeate cultures with love that heals and leads to restoration. Rapha House does this by providing safehomes and aftercare programs for young girls who have been rescued out of slavery and exploitative situations. All Rapha House homes are currently located in Southeast Asia, with the goal of expanding globally. 

Slavery still exists in every culture. Rapha House is constantly partnering with advocates in an effort to build communities that extend unconditional love, physical rescue, and transformational healing. 

Become an advocate today. Click here to donate to Rapha House.

Kiva Lending

Kiva is a neat organization. It's a network of entrepreneurs all over the world, and you can make small business loans to the vendor of your choosing. This helps families and villages prosper! You can loan as little as $25 (or more, if you're feeling super givey!) to help someone across the world improve their business. When the loan is repaid to you, then you can reloan it to another business! You can also withdraw the money from your account, but I always look forward to my loans being repaid so I can help someone else. It's not only helpful, it's fun!


  1. Thanks for the info on these great groups...a friend and her daughter just had a "home party" to sell jewelry and hand bags made by a group of ladies in Africa - I was so happy to purchase some items from them! Love your site! I think you are way more un-lazy than you think you are! Tee hee hee!!! BTU, Tracey

  2. Thanks for these links, Rachel! I just watched a documentary about trafficking in the United make me sad and angry. I'm praying about how God wants me to be involved in seeing it stop. Prayer to start for sure!

    Expect an email from me tomorrow with my post.


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