Friday, July 8, 2011

Friendly Friday: Lee Merrill

Today's Friendly Friday guest is Lee Merrill, a new Twitter friend of mine and a fellow She Speaks attendee.

And a prayer warrior. I don't care what she says below.

Lee has a wonderful blog called PrayerGifts. She has such a heart for prayer, and I'm glad her post today is about it. She is such a sweet gal, and I implore you to check out her blog—it's so heartfelt! Then go follow her on Twitter and prepare to be encouraged!

Oh, and take her advice to join PrayBook. I did and I love it!

And as another quick plug, if you haven't already entered my For the Love of Our Husbands book giveaway, go do it! I'm drawing the winner Monday night!


Confessions of a Rumored Prayer Warrior

When you have a blog called PrayerGifts, people sort of assume you’re some kind of prayer warrior. Sometimes, I think people envision my bedroom carpet with permanent knee marks from the hours and hours I spend on my knees in prayer. Well, truth is, some days I don’t pray even once, and when I do, I seldom kneel; I have bad knees.

As a new Believer, teenaged and determined to change the world for Jesus, I had prayer lists longer than a spoiled kid’s Christmas list. I prayed for every single family member down to that fifth cousin twice removed. I prayed for teachers, classmates, neighbors, and superstars. Since I didn’t have bad knees back then, I kneeled until my knees were numb, and I’d often fall asleep beside my bed. When I couldn’t get through my daily lists, I’d feel like a failure, as if I’d let down God and the people on the list.

Over the years, the Lord showed me that prayer lists aren’t in the Ten Commandments, and there’s certainly no quota for how many people I need to pray for in one “kneeling.”

I’m not saying it’s wrong to spend hours in prayer. By all means, if you are one who is called to pray marathon prayers, please add me to your list! Some folks are truly called to spend much of their day in prayer. I wish I was. I love prayer! My blog is called PrayerGifts for goodness sake!

How does a recovering prayer perfectionist make peace with prayer?

1.       I pray on-the-spot. If you are my Twitter or Facebook friend, you will find me posting prayers in response to any prayer needs right when I become aware of them. It’s so easy to say, “I’ll pray,” and then get sidetracked and never get to it. When I see a need, I pray right then and there, and I almost always write it down so the person will know what I prayed. It’s a double whammy: powerful communication with God on someone’s behalf and a balm of encouragement for the person.

2.       I write myself notes. If I have a loved one or issue that needs frequent prayer, I leave myself little notes to remind me to pray. Sometimes, I write names on my make-up mirror with dry erase marker. My school friends, many of whom are not Christians, get freaked out if I tell them they are on my mirror. I have fun with that!

3.       I stay present. If I see someone with downcast eyes, I whisper a prayer for her. If someone shares a burden, I pray for her right then either silently or with my hands clasping hers. If I hear a siren blaring, I pray for the workers and victims. If we ask God to keep our minds attune to the needs around us, trust me, He will.

4.       I use PrayBook. Just last week, I signed up for a wonderful new Facebook application created by my friend, Tim. It links up with my FB friends and gives me a list of friends to pray for that day. I can send a short message to let them know I prayed, or I can just let PrayBook do it. I encourage you to check it out at This is a great way to make our social media time eternal and not just entertainment.

I have days when I can’t see past the pity party going on in my selfish head, but those moments don’t tend to last long. Every morning, those new mercies are there, waiting for me to open my eyes. My prayer times look way different than they used to look, but I know God sees my heart and hears my prayers, always.

I hope to see you over at PrayerGifts for PrayerGift Mondays! 

© Lee Merrill, 2011 


  1. I love the mirror/ dry erase idea! I have Bible verses on my downstairs mirror, but this might be a welcome idea!

    I signed up for prayer book. Thank you.

    {Psst. Hi, Rachel! *Waving*}

  2. Hey Rachel, thanks again for having me over! I look so forward to growing a friendship with you.

    And Heatherly, glad you signed up for PrayBook! When my name pops up, pray hard! :)

  3. Thank you Rachael. I have signed up for prayer book and will be inviting my friends do so too.
    God bless.

  4. Funny I am just beginning a prayer project, this timing is impeccible. I do see myself as a prayer warrior, I see everyone who prays and lives a journey with Jesus as one.

  5. Great words, Lee! I've become much more intentional about praying on the spot, too, for the exact reason you said. Love you and your prayers!

    Thanks for hosting her, Rachel!


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