Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good Stewardship: Free $10 from Eversave

Alrighty. I've posted before about good stewardship. Now I'm going to help.

First, I want to say that you shouldn't buy deals—even really, really good ones—if it's not in the budget. It's all about the good stewardship, people. Spending money you don't have is the opposite of that. Just sayin'.

Eversave is a program that offers deals on local (and national!) products and services. I got an amazing hour-long hot stone massage (usually $95) and a shellac manicure (usually $60) before She Speaks for—

Wait for it—

$50. Total.

No joke.

And today happens to be your lucky day, as Eversave is giving away—you read that right, giving away!—$10 to each of its members as part of its Member Appreciation Event. Score! Whether you're new to Eversave or have been a member for a while, be sure to visit Eversave right now to claim your $10! You can sign up to get daily deals in your city, and you'll get to check out the national saves, too!

Your $10 is good for any Eversave deal. Find a deal that pampers you, or find a deal that's fun for the whole family! Claim it before midnight on the 25th or you're out of luck!

But make sure it's in the budget, or I'll be in big trouble.

Do you belong to any deal sites? What's the best deal you've gotten?


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