Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sicky McGee Guest Post: Lauren Hale

So I know I don't typically have guest posts on days other than Fridays. And, no, I'm not on vacation again; I'm feeling a little under the weather. When I tweeted that, my friend Lauren Hale, who tweets as @unxpctdblessing, offered a guest post to my sicky self and became just that: an unexpected blessing! Hopefully, I'll be back in shape for Thursday's post. Unless this is that summer flu thing people have been talking about.

Either way, pray for Mrs. Sickypants over here.

Anyway, Lauren has a wonderful blog over at My Postpartum Voice. It is a blog full of hope and encouragement, not only about postpartum depression, but about motherhood in general. As @unxpctdblessing, she hosts #PPDChat on Twitter every Monday at 1 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. EST. Please check out her blog, and then go follow her on Twitter!


On God and Grief

We can plan all we want for how we want our lives to go. But then life happens and our plans fly out the window. We are left to improvise. Sometimes improvising hurts. Figuring out which way to go when a sudden change of plans strikes can be hard. But when we learn to lean on God no matter what, those sudden changes soften a little bit even if they seem harsh at first.

This morning I woke to the news of my Great Aunt’s passing. No one plans for phone calls like this.

My phone and I went into the front yard. I sat down, in between two humongous pine trees, sun shining down on my back, and cried. I sat there for nearly two hours. Wailing at first, then every so often my tears would just well up with tears until they couldn’t hold them back and tears would slowly slide down my face as I sat there, listening to the birds, watching the squirrels scamper, avoiding falling caterpillars, and chasing away tiny spiders from my feet. The wind softly played with my hair as well as with the trees. I sat there…. breathing. Taking in the sharp green of the surrounding trees, the echoes of life, breathing. For two hours, I got to just be.

My husband brought me a blanket and a cup of coffee. Apparently I sat in the sunshine for almost an hour despite the 50 degree weather.

Grief makes you do strange things.

In those moments outside, as I sat there, a warm blanket wrapped around my shoulders, I felt so alone and abandoned.

Thing is, I was not alone.

God sat there with me.

He held me, comforted me, and provided a warm, safe place in which I could mourn.

Friends offered condolences.

My children offered hugs and giggles when I got inside.

I’m still struggling to accept that she is gone.

I know right now we are working on the Shelter of God’s Promises but instead of writing from the book today, I needed to share this.

Today, I tried to live in the Shelter of God’s Promise. It was not perfect. But it worked. Not all day, but it worked.

And that, my dear readers, is progress toward learning to live in the Shelter of God’s Promises.

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