Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Is How We Do It

So my daily Bible reading of late has been in Leviticus. It's riveting!

Well, no. No, it's not.

So far, it's mostly been about sacrificing animals. When to cut the head off a bird, when to light the entrails of a goat on fire. It's pretty disgusting, actually. But one of the things that's cool about the Bible is that it applies to believers anytime, anywhere.

Except this. I'm not gutting a goat, Leviticus.

When I'm reading a passage of Scripture like this—one that, seemingly, doesn't apply to me—I need to look past the content and into the application. What can I learn from this that may not be obvious in the instructions on how to arrange body parts on an altar? If the Bible can apply to me in an Anno Domini world where animals don't have to die daily for my sins, what can I get out of these passages?

I think the key to this portion of Scripture is in the execution. (No pun intended. OK, a little pun intended.) Sometimes how we do things is just as important as what we do. I mean, I can do a lot of good in the world, but if the means are dishonest, how much good have I actually done? If I take shortcuts or have a bad attitude while doing the work, is it still giving God glory?


The Israelites had to follow God's very specific instructions in order to bring him glory and to make their work count. God made the rules; he could have very easily said, "Aw, just throw the goat anywhere and squirt some lighter fluid on it. We're solid." But he didn't. He made these people go through a lot to pay for their sins. They had to work hard and do it right to show God their hearts were in it.

We have it easier now that Christ has died for our sins, but we can't rest on our laurels. We need to make sure that whatever we do is done with the same diligence the Israelites showed. That requires—well, that requires hard work and intentionality.

Which are two things I often lack.

I like to get things done quickly, and sometimes quality suffers for it. Depends on how important the task is to me, personally. I'm willing to take shortcuts when I'm not the one reaping the benefits. Horrible, isn't it?

But you read my blog, The Lazy Christian, which means this can't come as a total surprise to you.

Are you intentional about every task? Do you put effort and heart into the process?


  1. Love. this. post. And not just because I now have "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jorden in my head. I love that you got all of this from Leviticus. :)

  2. Great post! Love it--we're solid! LOL

  3. You know my passion for all scripture. I love what God spoke to you through Leviticus! Our actions are a reflection of our heart, so how we do things definitely matters. Thanks for this!

  4. Really made me think.About how I do every task that God has laid in my path. And I like you used to take short cuts but the Lord has me on a journey that will not allow short cuts so my actions intention with great effort to ensure I am doing what the Lord wants me to do.

  5. @unityfaith1976 my comment was supposed to read so my actions are intentional with great effort....

  6. lack hard work and intentionality. uummmm..yes and yes. Just "get er done" Isn't that what they say? I really agree with you. They HOW. How am I raising my kids? Not just am I doing it? HOW am I serving. Not just I am doing it.
    Good one.


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