Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Wisdom of Adele

I love listening to Adele. Her voice is beautiful, and she lays her soul bare for her audience. Repeatedly. Her most recent release, 21, is heartbreaking and catchy at the same time. How does she do that? It's incredible. I can play that album on a loop. And sometimes I do.

Listening to her sing, I think, "She certainly doesn't sound 21. She sounds much older." And then I listen to the lyrics.

Yeah, she's definitely young.

The song that makes me think that is "Someone Like You." Take a listen:

It's a beautiful song. After a heartbreak (of which I've had one or two in my day), that's definitely something I'd think. This heartbreak won't get to me. I'll find someone like you and be happy. But as I got older, the sentiment changed. It became: Well, I don't want anyone like you. I want someone different, since this clearly didn't work.

I think listening to that song and thinking, "Boy, she's young," is the first time I've actually felt old. Jeepers.

Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old. - Job 12:12

"With age comes wisdom" and all that. I don't think I'm old enough to be considered wise, by any means. But I may be wise enough for somebody. Sometimes our experiences lend themselves to helping others along. A few of the paths I've chosen have made me able to say to someone else, "I see the path you're about to go down. I don't recommend it. I've been there." Whether or not he or she listens is something else entirely.

But because of the experience of sharing that with someone else, I actually look for that in times of trouble. I think, "Boy, I'll be able to warn someone else about this pitfall." If nothing else good comes of a situation, perhaps that is what will: wisdom you can impart to someone else about to make the same mistake.

So, Adele—I don't know you. I don't know this guy you're singing about. (But if it's the same guy who thinks he should have a cut of the money you've made off the songs about him, I'll bet I can make a few guesses as to his character.) But get someone the complete opposite of whoever broke your heart. You deserve better. Trust me; I've been there. I found someone who was the opposite of the other guys I've dated, and he's the love of my life.

Oh, and I have I mentioned that unsolicited advice is often unwelcome, regardless of the wisdom contained therein? But I figure Adele will never read this, anyway, so I'm safe.

What unique wisdom can you impart, based on situations you've been in? I can always use a good warning! In October, I'm going to have "Wise Wednesdays." If you have godly wisdom you can share with my readers, send me your post idea at TheLazyChristian at yahoo.com. Obviously, there aren't that many Wednesdays in October, but if you've got a good idea, I can always use it as a Friendly Friday post. Or if I get a lot, I may keep it going through November, too. So send me your wisdom, oh wise people!


  1. Love the idea of "wise wednesdays". I love picking a specific day and adding a theme to it. I recently started "Thirsty Thursdays" on my blog. Going back through the Bible and taking the stories, discovering what each character thirst for in there, and how we can turn that thirst into a godly thirst. :) Blessings on your next adventure in blogging...I'll be tuning in for sure.

  2. This is great! I love blog! I can't wait to read Wise Wednesdays. Adele must be on the top of everyone's list right now! My best friend just said her day was complete because she'd gotten a chance to listen to 21 all the way through and I wrote a blog about her yesterday!

  3. What Wisdom can I share with others? Honestly...mostly spiritual from what I can think on....namely in the areas of don't ever think for one moment God leaves your side when you feel the farthest from Him. In cases like these, that is when we need to be reaching out the most to Him...not shying back the farthest, sauntering inside of ourselves. I have lived the lived in actual cursing of God. I know what it's like to be so distant from Him, that you'll do anything to fill the empty void...anything. And those anythings can add up to some serious cuts, bangs, bruises and breaks in the heart so deep that it takes what feels like ages to heal from at times.

    I will send something to you for October. I have a story to share with your readers. October is a big month for me cathartically speaking (on the spiritual level) and you'll see why. Thank you for the opportunity.


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