Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Elvis and the Jerkface

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm a big Elvis fan. There's even a bronze bust of him in our music room.
The '68 Comeback Special

I'm not joking.

Because of this, I've read books on Elvis. I've even seen a lot of Elvis' moves as well as biopics on his life, although I find facts in some of them rather dubious. The made-for-TV movie Elvis and Me (based on Priscilla Presley's book of the same name, which I've read) is probably my favorite, followed by Elvis: The Mini-Series from just a few years ago starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And if you've never seen his '68 Comeback Special (although, you know, it wasn't called that when it actually aired), I highly recommend it.

So, I love Elvis. My son loves Elvis. Even my husband is starting to appreciate Elvis more as a musician thanks to my endless Elvis listening/watching.

You're welcome, Elvis.

One fact I've always found fascinating is that Elvis never had a concert tour overseas. For reals! He only played in U.S. venues. According to some biographies, his manager, "Colonel" Parker, had some sort of warrant on him in Europe and couldn't travel there, so he dissuaded Elvis from going, too. Instead, he had Elvis play Vegas. Really? That's not Europe. Not even close. He also signed Elvis up for silly movie after silly movie, even after Elvis made it clear that he was uninterested in the dumb movies he was making. Yeah, Clambake? Only has a clambake in it for about three minutes. Why name the movie after that? It's mostly about boat racing, not clam baking. So dumb.

But I digress...

The Colonel had a strong hold over Elvis; what the Colonel wanted, the Colonel got, even from The King. Elvis was a fiercely loyal person, but there must have been more to it. Can you imagine being as wildly popular (and, in most circles, wildly powerful) as Elvis and still having to answer to someone? Giving in to someone and just letting them control your life, even when you didn't want them to?

Not that I'm comparing Colonel Parker to Satan but—yeah, I'm kind of going to.

We are wildly powerful. When we belong to Christ, we are given all sorts of privileges as sons and daughters of our King. But the Jerkface is still such a strong presence in our lives. We don't need him; why do we continue to listen? He keeps us from doing the things we should do or want to do and leads us into things we don't want to do—and yet we go!

It's kind of ridiculous.

When you realize you're being pulled in a direction you don't want to go, what do you do? Do fight it? How? Do you ask God to pull you out of that situation? Or do you end up just going along with it?

I guess there won't be any "What Would Elvis Do?" bracelets anytime soon. Oh, but there are t-shirts. *sigh* Too late.


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