Friday, September 9, 2011

Friendly Friday: Jessica Kirkland

Today's Friendly Friday blogger is Jessica Kirkland from I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica at She Speaks, and I also got to check out her new iPad story app, "The Sounds of Night." My son loves it! She is the owner of Christian Apps 4 Kids, which is a writing ministry dedicated to producing quality book apps that draw kids closer to Christ. She's also a writer, a speaker, a mom (to five-year-old triplets, no less), and a Texan, ya'll!

But she doesn't have big hair. You know, if you're worried about that sort of thing.

Jessica's post today hits too close to home. Do you remember when God and I had a little conversation about me not watching Angel anymore? I totally feel Jessica, and I've been tugged at and whispered to plenty. I hope you enjoy her post! Go read her blog, follow her on Twitter, and check out her Facebook page. Oh, and don't forget to go download her app, "The Sounds of Night!"


Jessica Kirkland

Down the Tube

I turned them off and it took me years to finally obey. Let me clarify; not all television is bad, unless it becomes your idol. I was simply doing what the rest of America was, enjoying my freedom to be mindlessly entertained. Until the day I felt God tug and whisper, “You don’t need this. I have more important things for you to do.”

“Oh, don’t make me give up my favorite TV shows,” I silently begged. After all, it was my “me” time. I had triplets and once they were in bed, I’d click the television on and slip into worlds of gossip, romance, and drama that made my life look as normal as apple pie. I felt entitled to these programs. Hadn’t I given God enough of me? But, He just kept tugging and whispering, “Time is short. I have more important things for you to do.”

He waited patiently, for years. Eventually, I gave up one show. One show whose storyline had gone down a path I didn’t like anyway. I dusted off my hands and said, “There, there’s your sacrifice.” It was pretty painless.





“Fine! God!” I gave up a series that I had become deeply involved in. I didn’t want to give it up, but the thought of my God-given dreams going down the tube because of my disobedience, soon began to outweigh my need to watch the show. They were not good for me and I knew it. I stayed up late to watch them, therefore losing sleep. They brought a spirit of confusion into my life that in turn would wreak havoc on my mind. They corrupted my view of romance in my own marriage. And, show-by-show, they decomposed my self-esteem, as I would look in the mirror and say, “Gosh, you are so ugly.”

The truth was God had more for me. He had purpose, my purpose in life, hanging there in the balance. All He asked was that I be obedient to Him, to take hold of it. Slowly, but surely, I let them go. Our need as humans to hold onto our idols is ironic because we forget that when God asks us to give something up, it is for our good. He wants to “prosper us, not to harm us, to give us a hope and a future” according to Jeremiah 29:11. God longs to draw us closer to Him, but He cannot be associated with our sin.

God doesn’t have to use a couch potato. But, He longs to use us! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do watch television. I’m just not addicted to it anymore. It’s no longer my idol. And the moment I was obedient, God opened up His storehouse of blessing and began to move me forward in my dream to write and speak of His miracles in my life. Obedience led me to freedom and the favor to live out my calling.

Do you want that today? What is God asking you to do? Don’t ignore the tug. God longs for you to live out your God-given purposes in life.


  1. Oh, how God longs for me to not waste so much time on the computer!

  2. Great reading! Reminds me of someone! Am also a lazy christian but I know God knows me for he created me!


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