Friday, September 2, 2011

Friendly Friday: Rebekah Johnson

First, let me mention that I have a guest post for Michele Montgomery today at The Journey North. Maybe. Leave it to my post to give her technical trouble. But hopefully I'll be over there sometime today.

I'm also joining Angela Mackey at Rethinking My Thinking today, too. Essentially, you cannot escape me today. I am everywhere. Because...

I'm posting for Rebekah Johnson at Smile is a Choice today—and Rebekah is here with me! Snazzy trade, don't you think? Rebekah is a new friend, and her blog has some big goals. Her mission is to challenge others to see each day as a gift from God, and enjoy the mundane as well as the marvelous, to bask in the sun, yet willingly find the silver lining. Her goal is to share her heart—she believes without a doubt that with God in our lives, we can choose to be happy, to live, to smile. And that's something we can all get behind.

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Good, Better, Best

"For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out." - Romans 7:18ESV

Am I good enough? Am I prettier, skinnier, nicer, more popular than she is? I don't know about you, but I struggle with these thoughts, these plaguing questions every single day. I want to be better, I strive to be the best—but it's never enough. I always feel as if someone, something is better. I can never be good enough.

In our culture, we are perpetually surrounded with influences, voices—they all call us in some way, shape, or form to be better. We are not ok as we are. We must have bigger eyelashes, fuller lips, shinier hair, a different color hair! We must be more outgoing, less outgoing, more approachable, more agreeable—the list goes on and on. We aren't good enough.

Friends, this battle is something I have struggled with from the time I was a little girl. I still fight this battle, and I know you do. We all struggle with the reality that we can never be "good enough" at _____________. It wasn't until recently that I began to grasp the glaringly elementary truth that I am and will always be nothing. I, in and of myself, am not good enough. I never will be. It's Him, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior who works good in me. Without Him, I can't do anything. Any good in my life is straight from the hands of my Maker.

Without Him I am nothing, and with Him I have everything. He made me in His own image just as I am for a purpose. In His eyes, I am beautiful. I don't have to strive to be good. I only have to find my identity, my strength, and my confidence from Him. I want to be the best I can be so that when people see me they see Him. He gets the credit, He is the Victor. Yes, I want to look the best, feel the best, do the best that I can for Him. See the missing link is found in those last two words: "For Him." He is our Audience. He is the only One we must aim to please. He loves us, and longs to have a relationship with us.

Allow Christ's love to sink into your soul today. Reflect on who you are in His eyes. Agree with Him.


  1. Thanks so much for having me, Rachel!

  2. Sharon Larson - SharonTOGETHERSeptember 2, 2011 at 10:18 AM

    "Reflect on who you are in His eyes." I like that because, in His eyes, I am perfect. In my own, far from it. Who am I not to agree with God, right? So, perfect we are! Thanks, Rebekah.

  3. I needed to hear that today. I mean I know it but I needed to read it hear it and let it sink into my soul. God is all I need and through Him in His timing I can do ALL things and I will be enough for whoever I meet and minister to because He my best friend, my Lord and King is by my side.

  4. Rebekah, so beautiful. I am nothing but yet He pursues me with passion, tells me I'm the apple of His eye and even dares to work through me to reach others. How cool is God? So glad you posted for Rachel today!

  5. I love that you're everywhere, Rachel! :) What a fun idea to swap places w/someone. It's like Freaky Friday, but planned (and not so freaky). Love how small the world is too. Rebekah and I became friends on FB recently and I love what she writes about too. Hope your week is abundantly blessed!


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