Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Worth Ten Cows!

A story, retold:


Once upon a time, there was a girl. A very, very plain girl. She wasn't pretty in the least. She wasn't great around the house. Her father was pretty sure he'd never be able to marry her off, even though he'd set it in his mind to only ask one cow in exchange for her hand.

Now, one cow would get you a woman who was breathing. Four cows would get you a decent wife who could cook. Anything better than seven would get you a pretty woman with at least a couple of talents.

Her father was aiming for one cow. One.

Along came a man on the lookout for a wife. He saw the girl and offered her father ten cows for the girl. Her father couldn't believe it. "Ten cows? Are you sure? I'd settle for less! Much, much less. In fact, I'll give her to you for one cow!"

"No," the man said. "Ten cows will be just perfect."

The father laughed and accepted the cows, imagining that the man would bring the girl back after only a few days—once he realized how very plain the girl was and how very little she would be able to do for him. 

But he didn't bring her back. And after a few weeks, the father went to go visit his daughter in her new home. As he sat down to the table, he looked into the kitchen and saw a beautiful woman preparing the meal. 

"Ah! I see you have hired a cook!" the father exclaimed, not at all surprised.

"No," said the man. "That is my wife."

The father was confused. "Your wife? My daughter? It can't be!" As he said it, the beautiful girl floated into the room, smiled brilliantly, and served her father and her husband. She bowed slightly and then made a graceful exit back into the kitchen.

Her father was flabbergasted. "How did you do it? How did you make her so beautiful?"

The man smiled. "You told me she was worth only a few cows. But I loved your daughter, and I wanted a ten-cow wife. She believed she was worth nothing; now she knows she is worth more than any other woman we know. And that makes all the difference."


Remember that you were bought for a price. You are worth far more than ten cows to your Creator.

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  1. That goes along with my church group last night- I'm going to have to share this with them!


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