Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Short Play By Rachel: Being Sure

No, this isn't a post about deodorant. I almost called it, "Raise your hand if you're sure," but I thought that was a bit much. So we'll start things off with....

A Short Play by Rachel

Being Sure

RACHEL and TODDLER are walking into church for a rehearsal. 
Photo courtesy of 2355 Photography

TODDLER: (seemingly out of nowhere) I'm just not sure, Mama!

RACHEL: What aren't you sure about, baby?

TODDLER: (frantically) I'm just not sure about anything!

RACHEL: Are you sure that I love you?


RACHEL: Well, then we've got one thing!


I'm glad my son is sure that I love him, no matter what. Sometimes there are a lot of things to be unsure of in this world. But there are certain things of which I'm always sure:  God loves me, my husband loves me, my son loves me.

What are you sure of today?

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