Monday, October 17, 2011

Week of Wisdom: Stefanie Brown

I love living in Texas!  I love its healthy pride.  I love its easily accessible amenities.  I love its BIG SKY.  I especially love its big sky when traveling west across its vast terrain.  Its star-filled sky goes on for miles and miles.  Just when you think you’ve reached the end, it extends more.

As we drive on, wheels bearing down firmly on the concrete below, heading, well, wherever, we can’t help but notice the architecturally sound towers holding and connecting power lines.  One after another, they line up in perfect order allowing the flow of electricity to meet our needs.  One by one, they nest behind each other, in near perfect symmetry.  By moving to the side, either right or left, a greater view of each structure is observed.  Tower after tower, as far as we can see.  Step back in front and they fall in line like sweet little Kindergartners learning the concept of walk appropriately in the school hallway. 

A phrase continually tickers across my mind:

Off in the distance…

Off in the distance…

What awaits us off in the distance?  The immense sky and flat landscape allows us to see for what seems like miles.  New lights, new towns, oncoming cars, power towers…  Still, there is more off in the distance.

To find what is there, we must keep driving forward.  Turning around or putting our car in reverse would cause us to miss out.  Miss what?  Who knows?  More importantly, won’t know if we don’t continue forward.

A new word replaces off in the distance.  FAITH floats through, edging off in the distance out.  Isn’t the concept of faith much like that of off in the distance?

Although we can’t see what is around the corner, by FAITH we continue.

Although the sky seems overwhelming and never ending, by FAITH we continue.

Although the darkness falls and streetlights are few, by FAITH we continue.

Although we are nearly the only vehicle on the highway, by FAITH we continue.

Although we’re unsure the distance to the next town, by FAITH we continue.

What if the woman with an issue of blood, seeing Jesus off in the distance, turned and went in the opposite direction because the task of getting to Him seem too overwhelming?  No FAITH, no healing…

What if Jairus opted to turn the corner away from Jesus rather than boldly approaching Him, asking Him to come see His daughter?  No FAITH, no restoration of life…

What if the thief on the cross, the thief, which came to believe, kept his mouth closed or worse, ridiculed Jesus as the other?  No FAITH, no hope…

What if…

What if…

Fill in the blank…

“And it is impossible to please God without faith.” ~ Hebrews 11:6 (NLT)

Faith presses forward when you can’t see what is around the bend.

Faith believes, although you’re uncertain what lies ahead.

Faith continues, even when the darkness closes in around.

Faith motivates, especially when you’re the only one on the road.

Instead of walking in the “what ifs” of life, may we faithfully walk in anticipation with Him, excited to experience what is “off in the distance”.


Stefanie Brown is the wife of Dan Brown, Executive Director of LIFT Ministries.  She is a graduate of Berea College in Berea, KY where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.  She practiced nursing for 10 before leaving the profession to stay at home with her son, Alex, now 8.  During her time at home she started ZERO2THREE Pediatric Rehab Services, a company, which provided therapy services to children ages birth to 3 with developmental delays.  She recently passed this Kentucky-based company on after 9 successful years of service. She and Dan, who just celebrated 9 years of marriage, re-located their ministry to the Dallas Metroplex in 2009.  She and her family reside in Plano, TX and are partnering with Canyon Creek Baptist Church, Richardson, TX.  She blogs at UpLIFTing Words and can be found on Twitter at stefanieybrown as well as Facebook, Stefanie Young Brown.

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  1. Thank you for this post Rachel. I am working on "expectant faith" in my own life right now. This was a great encouragement!
    Blessings to you!


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