Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey, Jealousy!

I just realized (as in, five minutes ago) that, sometimes, when good things are happening to my friends, I get jealous. And when I get jealous, I think, "Why isn't God doing that for me? Why doesn't God like me?!" And it's not even that he's not working for me—he must, in fact, be working against me if I'm not getting the good stuff. God's keeping his best from me! That's what it is! I knew he never wanted me to do __________! He wants me to be miserable, I just know it!

Ha! I think I just heard God smack his forehead. Silly Rachel.

Jealousy is a lousy thing, isn't it? Here I am, with my pretty swell life, with plenty of good things going on, and I wonder why God's not doing more. Not giving me more. Don't I deserve more?

No. Not really.

The things God does for us have nothing to do with whether or not we deserve them. Heck, we don't deserve anything from God. It's not like he looks down and says, "Well, Rachel managed not to punch anyone in the face today. I think I'll let her win the lottery tomorrow!"

Although, God, if you're keeping track, I don't think I've ever punched anyone in the face. Ever. So if that is grounds for winning the lottery...

But I digress.

Sometimes the things God puts in front of us are experiences he either needs us to have or needs someone else to be a part of. Things that will grow us or challenge us, or things that will impact other people. Sometimes they'll be great things, sometimes they'll be scary things. But, either way, we need to know that God's on our side. He's there to support us either way. And just because someone else has something great happening for them doesn't mean he's forgotten us. Actually, this is one of my favorite verses in the Bible:

Then God remembered Rachel... - Genesis 30:22

Maybe jealousy is a Rachel thing. Biblical Rachel thought God had forgotten her, so she went through all sorts of hijinx to try to "fix" what she thought God had ignored—because she was jealous of her sister and all the great things happening to her. And when it says, "God remembered" her, it's not like he actually forgot. He just decided it was time to show her the next step. The Man's got his own timing. We tend to forget that.

So when great things are happening to the people around you, don't freak out and pull a Rachel. Don't think God's forgotten you or that he's working against you. In fact, when you pick up that line of thinking, the only person working against you is you. And probably The Jerkface.

Do you ever think God's forgotten you?


  1. cool thoughts. i was just reading thru that in the Bible. also, was noticing the tendency of us humans to blame God for us. silly humans.

  2. My problem is an "I" problem. I look at me too much and measure against others and not HIM. I definitely think He has forgotten me sometimes. The truth is the way I act sometimes I bet He wishes he could but He is too good for that. Thank God for His grace and mercy.

    1. I feel you. Sometimes I forget he's supposed to be the standard! Because I'm a dummy.

    2. Not because you're a dummy... because you are human. <3


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