Friday, February 3, 2012

The Drew Marshall Show

In case you missed it last weekend (which you probably did if you're not one of my Canadian readers), here's the link to the radio interview I did on The Drew Marshall Show last weekend.

Spoiler Alert: I say the word "like" a lot. It's awful. I dare you to keep count.

Anyway—it was a fun experience, and I didn't seem to make a fool of myself. Go have a listen!


  1. The links don't work. :( They say that linking directly to media files is not permitted. Boo.

    1. I fixed them! It'll take you to that date, and then you just have to look down the list to find me. :) Thanks, Kim!

    2. Thanks! You did a great job! Man...I feel a little star struck that I actually know you now. :P

  2. Just hit the "listen archive" button at the bottom of that page and find Rachel under Jan 28.

  3. Oh, I loved it! It was so nice to hear your voice! You did great.


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