Friday, March 9, 2012

Christian Karaoke

Because I couldn't find a pic of Jesus
singing karaoke. Shocking!
I totally love karaoke. I do. I love going to a place with a bunch of drunk people who think I'm a music superstar. I've written about it before. But I had an interesting experience the last time I was at the mic.

On this particular evening, my friend Kimberly and I went to a new karaoke establishment. Smoke-free! Score! Hard to find, you know. And, if you'll remember from my previous karaoke post, my opening song is always "Son of a Preacher Man." And you should know that it's super awkward for a girl who's super pregnant to sing that song. But I sang it. And it went pretty well.

The other song I decided to sing that evening was "Someone Like You" by Adele. I love Adele. I've written about her before, too. But as I walked up to the microphone, someone in the place yelled, "You're not Adele!"

Really? Are you sure? Because I'm pretty confident that I'm a platinum-selling, multiple-Grammy-winning superstar.


Of course I'm not Adele! I'll never be Adele! Even if I can pull off one night of karaoke and sing her song decently, I won't be Adele! And that guy over there isn't Johnny Cash, and my friend Kimberly isn't Cee-Lo Green (although her rendition of "Forget You" was super awesome), and that girl with the glasses isn't Carrie Underwood. It's karaoke! The point of karaoke is three minutes of being a music superstar (or nearly seven minutes if you pick one of those songs) in a room full of people who also want three minutes of being a music superstar. Lighten up!

As I was reflecting on this experience, I thought of the other things in my life that feel like karaoke. You know how we're supposed to be like Jesus? What if every time we did something Jesusy, someone yelled out, "You're not Jesus?" What if every time we were kind or loving or encouraging or spoke the truth in love, someone reminded us that we're not the person we're trying to emulate?

Our response would be, "Well, duh. Of course I'm not Jesus."

But would that discourage you? You could think to yourself, "They're right. I'm not Jesus. I'll never be Jesus. I may as well not try." And, in that moment, you might give up on the Jesusy behavior you were about to perform.

And someone's life might be a little worse for it. Your life might be a little worse for it.

But what if, instead of being discouraged, we said to ourselves, "No, I'm not Jesus. But for the next three minutes, I sure can try to be like him?" It's so hard to be like Jesus 100% of the time. Or even 50% of the time. But what if we approached each moment, each opportunity, like our three minutes at the microphone? Doing something Jesusy won't miraculously transform us into Jesus, but it might transform a little piece of our hearts to be more like his—and may impact someone else's life for him.

Even though that person yelled, "You're not Adele!" I still walked up to that mic. I still sang the song. And, despite not actually being Adele, I did Rachel's best possible version of that song for that moment. And that's what God expects from us: our best possible performance in each opportunity he presents to us.

Do you ever feel discouraged because you're not, in fact, Jesus?


  1. Oh, THANK YOU for this! I feel like this...well, pretty much every day.

    And also, I must see this karaoke routine you're referring to. I MUST.

    1. Anytime, sister! As long as "anytime" means "a Thursday at 9pm." lol K-Dubs and I will go again, I'm sure. You're more than welcome to join us!

  2. Way to go. This is a fantastic post. I, for one, don't need anyone telling me I'm not Jesus. This I know.

    1. Thanks, Ken. You do have a beard, though. That's super Jesusy of you. :)

  3. Love this! Going to live the rest of my day 3 minutes at a time!

  4. I would love to see a pregnant son of a preacher man, but it will have to be soon, right? You couldn't have much longer.
    I've actually confessed things before and had people tell me I'm not Jesus, which is only excusing sin or trying to take away from what I believe he is calling me to. It is defeating. And, I'm not trying to be him, but you're right, I would like for my heart to be transformed in submitting to him.
    Fun and helpful post!

    1. I think it becomes the difference between holding ourselves to high standards versus unrealistic standards. I'm not going to do things perfectly when I'm aiming for Christ-like behavior, but if I'm following his lead, I should be able to get pretty close---despite what the naysayers may say. :)

      And if I get back on stage before the baby comes (which is supposed to be the end of April), I'll try to get a video!

  5. I. Love. This. Post.

    You ARE a superstar. xoxoxo

  6. What a great encouragement to just be who we are. :)

  7. This is such a great post. We can become more like Him without the heavy burden of feeling that need to be perfect.

    Also, you sound quite fun! :)

    1. Thanks! You're more than welcome to join me for karaoke anytime you're in Indy. :)


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