Friday, March 2, 2012

Florence + The Machine - Me

Florence and...wait. Where's The Machine?
I think I could really like Florence + The Machine. First, I like the band name. Second, I like the music. What I've heard, anyway. But there's one simple reason I can't like Florence + The Machine:

I don't want to get emotionally invested in another music group.

I've always loved music. My job in high school and part of college was at a record store. Yes, we still sold some vinyl when I started there, but not for long. I got free CDs (in addition to my employee discount on all the other CDs), free concert tickets. It was an awesome gig. And, as I've mentioned before, I spent a few years in and after college as a music snob. That was too exhausting, though, so I gave that up.

Now, I have friends who are ca-razy over musicians. I have a friend who's gone to every Alanis Morissette concert within 50 miles of her house. Another one of my friends is a huge Sister Hazel fan. They're very dedicated, and I admire that. When I met my husband and he told me his favorite band was Counting Crows, I thought, "They're still a band?" I've now seen them in concert several times and they're one of my favorites, too. I also enjoy Coldplay a great deal, and Wilco is possibly my very favorite band.

But I just don't have the time or energy to feel head over heels for musicians.

But, Rachel! Try The Civil Wars! You'll love them!

It's true. I might.

But, Rachel! Haven't you heard Gotye? He's super artsy and amazing!

Yep, I like that one song a lot. But I don't want to listen to any more.

Zzzz...oh, I'm sorry. Were you singing?
But, Rachel! How can you live without Bon Iver?

Dude. You lost me there. I saw them (him?) open for Wilco once and they put me to sleep. Literally. I was asleep in my chair. Even if I did have the energy to like a band, they certainly wouldn't be the band I'd choose.

While I like music a lot, and I like songs and bands in all kinds of genres (except techno, of course), I will never be anyone's #1 Fan. I just can't get crazy about a music group. And while I really, really like movies and TV shows, I could probably live without them. I don't belong to any fan clubs. I don't write fan fiction. I don't write fan letters to actors. Anymore. I did write Neil Patrick Harris a letter when I was a kid and he was Doogie Howser, M.D. I got a postcard (which I still have) in return. I'm set for life with that one. I don't even buy t-shirts at the Counting Crows and Coldplay and Wilco concerts I enjoy so much!

Sometimes this trait worries me. Do I not have passion? Am I not a passionate person? Surely I could spare a little of the stuff for a band or actor or TV show!


It seems I find relationships of all kinds fairly exhausting. My husband is the only person I feel like I can be around constantly without feeling drained. Even so, I'd much rather invest in people who are invested in me than in bands and TV shows. What's the return on a pop culture obsession? 

In the same vein, I do wish I felt more obsessed with God. I'm not sure if I keep myself distant because I think a closer relationship with him will exhaust me, too (although I know it won't), or if I just don't feel like I have the energy to invest in the first place. This is something he and I have to work out, I suppose. Think he'd sign a non-exhaustion agreement with me?

What about you? Do you invest your time and energy in outside interests more than your relationship with God?


  1. I remember Anne Graham Lotz saying one time she got so busy doing ministry that she stopped spending time with God. I thought that could never happen to me until it did. Now my time with Him has to be intentional. Some days I'm so weary I don't even feel like it but when I seek Him first I am always rewarded with refreshment.

    1. I rarely feel "busy." I think that's mostly self-imposed. But that still doesn't mean I make time for God. I totally want to be his #1 Fan! But I need to work to make that happen. Work. Meh.

    2. I have not lately (not as much as I used to) my focus is on the Lord and keeping Him on the throne in charge of all aspects of my life. My marriage, my son, my health, where He wants me to ministry for His kingdom purpose, and everywhere (you name it is His).

  2. Good ending to this! I agree though. HOw much time do I spend reading celebrity gossip mags when I could spend that time in the Bible?

    I get you. I can't do the hipster bands.

    1. I know! I spend more time watching Netflix and reading Entertainment Weekly than reading the Bible, even if I refuse to commit to superfandom for anything I'm watching or reading. lol


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