Monday, June 11, 2012

Someone to Need You Too Much

Fear not: I still exist. Apparently, newborns want things like attention and food. And they take away things like like sleep and brain cells. The writing you'd get would be sub par at best, not to mention the typos I'd let sliip thrugh. I'd never hear the end of it from my other bloggy friends who know how picky I am about their grammar. Assuming I still have bloggy friends, since I can barely be called a blogger these days.

[Insert self-deprecating half-smile here.]

Our family is doing well, though. My son loves his little sister, and he's always very concerned when she fusses or cries. I'm still not quite myself yet, but I'm getting there. I'm still figuring out how to manage two kids on a daily basis, but I'm glad my husband and son are so very helpful. I'm blessed with a wonderful little family, and God is showing me that in new ways every day.

I shall return to you when I have something of import to say—and when my brain cells allow me to say it well. I don't miss writing right now, but I do miss my readers. Please let me know if there's some way I can be praying for you!

And, of course, I'll include a gratuitous picture for those of you who enjoy a cute baby. I may be a little biased, of course.

Sometimes I can get her hair to stay flat. Sometimes.


  1. This IS a cute baby! I just found your blog around the time your new baby was born. I've been waiting for you to write. Happy to hear you and your family are adjusting. I know just how difficult it is even in all the joy you find in your children. Looking forward to hearing more from you and I'll be praying for you and your family.

  2. Thanks for sharing how your little family is doing and yes, going from one to two is a big adjustment. Have fun loving on your family and enjoy not doing things that don't have to be done.

  3. That baby looks like a wonderful blessing.

    A wonderful, sleep stealing blessing.

  4. She. is. adorable.

    I was wondering how you were doing, haven't seen much of you on twitter. I have been slacking on my blog because the weather in NY is finally nice and i have been getting outside more. :)

  5. #1 - LOVE that little tuft of hair! She's gorgeous.

    #2 - It is hard to adjust, and I'm praying for you as you make the transition from one to two blessings. I don't know why I feel compelled to say this, but since God keeps pressing it on my heart I will. Maybe it's for you, or for someone who reads here...

    I want to remind you that, while a period of adjustment is a normal thing, feeling "not yourself" for any longer than a few days at a time is not normal. So if what you're experiencing as you adjust goes beyond the typcial exhaustion and you're just feeling "blah or blech," you could be experiencing post-partum depression.

    I will confess that my radar for PPD is on hyper-alert, so forgive me if I'm way off base. I just remember how icky, achy, lonely, out of sorts, easily frustrated, distracted, in a fog I felt following two of my five babies. And the idea of someone else having to walk through that burdens my heart so!

    For all of us moms, whether we've got PPD or not, that adjustment period stinks. But it does end. I promise you! :) It's amazing what difference a good night's sleep can make. Praying sleep and rest over you and your darling daughter.


  6. nice post thanks for updating and sharing with us...looking for to visit more...blessings

  7. Adorable baby, and I hope you adjust smoothly to caring for two little ones now. It is a big blessing, and also a mountain of work, as you know.


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