Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Hate Cancer

Does anyone like cancer? I would assume not. Maybe the Jerkface does. What a jerky jerkface.

Why would the Jerkface like it? Cancer does more than harm bodies. It shakes faith. It turns people against God. It breaks hearts. All things Satan loves.

And things that I hate.

Cancer is awful. It took my mother at a young age. It took her father and her uncle. It took my grandmother. I'm always looking over my shoulder waiting for it to sneak up on me. That's no way to live!

That's why I'm participating in my local Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5k walk for the American Cancer Society. No, my mom didn't have breast cancer. But if they can find a way to beat one kind of cancer, there's hope for beating all kinds of cancer. So I'm on board.

If you have a dog in this fight (and most of us do), I'm accepting donations on behalf of the American Cancer Society. I'm trying to raise $500 myself, and our goal as a team is $5,000. We'll get as close as we can!

Please click here to donate at my official American Cancer Society site. Thanks in advance for wiping away the Jerkface's smile.

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  1. Well, no — nobody sane likes cancer. The enemy comes to destroy so it's in his locker. My father-in-law isn't a Christian but believes this is the Devil's world, not God's. In the context of evil and the spirit of the world, his views are Scriptural.

    I'm sorry to hear your family has been hit by this disease. My wife passed away a few years back from melanoma, and she had breast cancer back in 2004. Yes, it tests our faith. It punched several holes in mine. I had to take a couple of years out to get back to the spiritual basics and build from there, with God's help.

    I hope you reach (or have reached) your goal.


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