Friday, October 19, 2012

The Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday. I generally enjoy my birthday. I wake up feeling excited about the day ahead and the surprises in store for me. I know I get to spend the evening with my husband and our friends at one of my favorite places (although I'm not permitted to know all the details), so I'm looking forward to that.

But today I woke up feeling profoundly grateful. As I look back over the past 33 years (yep, I'm solidly in my 30s now!), I can see God's hand moving in my life at every point along the way. I'm incredibly blessed. My little family is beyond anything I could have imagined. Makes me glad that God is more creative than I am!

At this moment, I am more than content—I'm happy. I know happy doesn't always last—and that's OK—but I'm going to enjoy it in this moment.

I couldn't help but spend my waking moments praising God and thanking him for my life. Even though there's been plenty of good and plenty of bad, I know he was there all along. I love that he's so caring and interested in our lives. He loves us so much, and I woke up feeling just how much he loves me. It was kind of like a big hug from God.

And that's an amazing birthday gift.


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